Neptune in Pisces: Macro to Micro, It's All Mystery


Powerful Space Explosion May Herald Star’s Death by Black Hole

A huge, powerful star explosion detonated in deep space last week — an ultra-bright conflagration that has astonomers scratching their heads over exactly how it happened.

The explosion may be the death cry of a star as it was ripped apart by a black hole, scientists said. High-energy radiation continues to brighten and fade from the March 28 blast’s location, about 3.8 billion light-years from Earth in the constellation Draco.

Astronomers say they’ve never witnessed an explosion so bright, long-lasting and variable before, according to NASA officials.

Okay, now couple that with this, from April 7th, Fox News:

Mystery Atom Has Physicists Abuzz

In a development physicists are calling “huge,” “tantalizing” and “unexpected,” researchers have measured a signal that could herald a new kind of particle or force of nature. . . .

“This is huge – an unexpected discovery which could completely transform high-energy physics, and cosmology as well, as the two fields are joined at the hip,” astrophysicist Michael S. Turner, director of the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at The University of Chicago, wrote in an email to LiveScience.

So, at both macro and micro levels, we don’t have any idea what is going on. As if we ever could! As if the universe were not infinite! For if the universe is infinite than any posit within that infinite is by definition small, partial, incomplete. There is no way we can ever “figure it out” using our left-brained science.

Perhaps it will be ongoing, catastrophic emergencies like lethal radiation spewing out at Fuck-U-Shima (Mother Earth), that will finally force us to release the religion of science and bow to Mystery. Nitrogen, newspapers, cement, sea water, fresh water — we’re throwing everything but the proverbial kitchen sink at those reactors, and still we can’t control the uncontrollable. We never could. Nuclear energy is way bigger than we are. As is the universe.

I have a sense that by the time Neptune completes its rare, 14-year-voyage through its home sign Pisces, in 2025, that we will have learned how to swim in the deep oceanic currents of the cosmos without having to think that we can understand and control anything of significance.

Perhaps by then we will have grown up.

Perhaps by then we will be ready to join the extraterrestrial and interdimensional others who have already learned and who care for us, deeply, as their brothers and sisters, despite our blind, driven, ego-centric ways.


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