Neptune Gedanken Experiment Succeeds!

Note: For background on this post, see this and this, and the many posts on the subject on the site.

From Wikipedia:

“A thought experiment or Gedankenexperiment (from German) considers some hypothesis, theory,[1] or principle for the purpose of thinking through its consequences. Given the structure of the experiment, it may or may not be possible to actually perform it, and, in the case that it is possible for it to be performed, there need be no intention of any kind to actually perform the experiment in question. The common goal of a thought experiment is to explore the potential consequences of the principle in question.”

Not that we knew we were engaging in a Neptunian thought experiment. We 300-plus star-gazers from all around the world really did think we were about to be lifted off Earth and taken to “Neptune,” a mothership parked somewhere in our solar system, on the very day that the planet Neptune (planet of illusion, deception, spirituality, vision, etc.) went into its home sign Pisces. Hilarious synchronicity and a hell of an experiment, eh? And boy were we “fooled.”

Well, that’s the point. Or maybe I should say, that’s where the point dissolves into space, because with Neptune anything goes, and keeps going, disappearing down the rabbit hole. Illusion, delusion, mass hypnosis, all of it, we did a huge gedanken experiment on the very day that Neptune went into Pisces, all of us together, dreaming of life on the mothership where all diseases would be healed, our dogs and cats would play together, our clothes would be cleaned just by stepping through a doorway, we would taste the food of extraterrestrials, meet with them in General Assemblies, all of us occupying Disclosure, the connection, even communion among all of us everywhere, no matter our ethnicities, be we Australians, or Arcturians or Somalians or Pleiadeans, or intergalactic travelers or long deceased friends and family, yes; all of us together, in communion, for ten whole days, before returning to Earth, this poor beleaguered Gaia that has a massive blindfold wrapped all around her which suffocates free thought, the free play of the imagination, suffocates all who would live in spaciousness rather than stuff themselves inside of mental scaffolding of any kind.

And, BTW, that mental scaffolding includes “belief” that the experiment would “work,” in the sense that we would be taken off-world, all 300-plus of us, picked up in black limos and whisked up and beyond.

So . . . when the experiment did not “work” in that very limited sense of the scaffolding of belief that constrains us into thinking it would, then there was some mighty disappointment and fingerpointing and fear that this would derail all serious talk about our connection with star beings.

Not so. Remember, we are here to learn of our origins in spaciousness. Those mental scaffolds we erect around us are prisons for the mind to play in. As were any of the ways we wanted to see the mothership operating. Aaah! I’ll be healed! Aaaah! I’ll be instructed! Aaaah! I’ll find my long lost husband Jeff who “died” in 2003 and my little dog Emma who was taken by a car accident last summer! Emma can meet Shadow, my new little dog, just her size, upon whom I performed a special washing and grooming the day before Saturday, our scheduled takeoff.

My son Colin, who shares my boundless imaginative reach, and I drove around on Friday doing final errands before takeoff laughing like crazy with hilarity and excitement. “My god, it could be true!” One of us would erupt periodically, instigating another round of laughter and joy. “I’d say it’s a 50/50 chance,” he said at one point. I had no idea what the odds were, all I knew that I was enjoying hugely the roller-coaster emotional ride of thinking about actually lifting off, in my body, with my little dog, and arriving on a spaceship to meet up with other beings, whether from Earth or elsewhere, who share my enthusiasm for the greater mysteries, and given my contentious, fiery personality, for publicly confronting the taboo that extraterrestrial life still presents in the mainstream currents of these times. As my friend Keith told me awhile ago, lots of permaculturists won’t even read this exopermacultural site, because it includes the possibility of extraterrestrial life!

I find that hilarious too — and love to take them on, really do relish being “the object of ridicule.” Because, as I was told by my dear mentor back in graduate school, you know you’re doing something important when you create a wake. Yes, there is a decided wake that follows any ship that steers directly into the waves of collective opinion, slicing through all the unconscious assumptions that govern this third-dimensional “reality.”

And I was relishing the idea that if I did go, if I was taken, that the party, scheduled for 6:30 tonight at my house, a potluck and meet up for GANG, GANA and GANE (all Green Acres neighborhood related) would go on, and then be hijacked by the fact that I had gone and of course, the entire conversation would then suddenly be about exterrestrial life!

One of the things we plan to do at the party tonight is to talk about starting a gifting circle (see this), where we enjoy the benefits of mutual exchange without the medium of money. Had the party been hijacked by my departure, Colin could have told them about what we had heard from channeled sources about life onboard the good ship Neptune, where they have “stores” for anything you need, and you don’t need money to purchase. Yes, whatever they’re doing up there, they’ve evolved beyond money, and in this poor world besotted Earth ship awash in the just-about-completed torrential flows of money from the bottom 99.9999% to the top 00.00001%, all those “without” money feel bereft, poor, victimized. Eyes downcast, they shuffle along, feeling separate, angry, and hungry.

Or, they don’t! The point is, to activate the imagination. Do it through thought experiments of this kind, where hundreds of people all join to imagine something entirely different, so different it made me wonder if I’d shit in my pants or — imagine all alone, by yourself, tune into the infinite space inside yourself, and how that bleeds and overflows into the infinite spaciousness of the open sky.

As the Buddhists say, the spirit is the open spacious blue sky infinite in all directions, and the mind creates clouds that block it from view. And, those who “believe” in any kind of mental scaffolding — like the idea that if this experiment doesn’t work, then the entire extraterrestrial two-way communication is bunk — for those who need “proof,” tangible, physical, third-dimensional assurance that yes, it is “real,” are taking pictures of current clouds and reifying them into cement. As if they were always there and would always be there, because that’s how the sky should look!

Do you see where this kind of reification of any idea, any expectation, any imagined “result,” any need for the experiment to “go off as planned” carries the stink of fundamentalism?

I am happy and actually kind of amazed, to note that during this past week’s pell-mell emotional roller-coaster of joy/excitement/overwhelm I did not get “attached” to results, did not “need” for the experiment to work in order to maintain my equilibrium. My equilibrium lives below the level of the clouds in the sky, it is of the sky, of the dimensions that these beings, whoever they are, in their invitation to us, live and move and have their being. In my imagination while here on earth in a physical body, I join them in their compassion for the consequent suffering of those who so much needed, who so desperately hungered, for this experiment to work, to “come true.”

It did come true. A collective thought form was created by the hundreds of souls who were willing to risk everything to “go,” and by the hundreds of thousands of people who viewed all the posts on this subject on Steve Beckow’s site and the thousands of people who viewed it on this site, and all the other sites that had anything to do with this notion that we, who live on earth, belong to the stars. We do. We do indeed.

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6 Responses to Neptune Gedanken Experiment Succeeds!

  1. gcgrann says:

    Do you see where this kind of reification of any idea, any expectation, any imagined “result,” any need for the experiment to “go off as planned” carries the stink of fundamentalism?

    Actually, no, I don’t. And I think fundamentalism stinks to high heaven.

    Experiments include both control and experimental protocols, which, by definition, are intended to achieve different outcomes. The “experimental outcome” is defined via hypothesis to include a variable that is different from the control-group outcome. The control in this experiment was “no change/no off-world trip.” The experimental protocol included two co-dependent variables 1) that an off-planet trip would occur; 2) that Steve Beckow would walk away if that didn’t occur. He hasn’t walked away and no off-planet trip occurred.

    I can live with a failed outcome. It is far more difficult to swallow the twaddle being spewed to justify the failed outcome. There was courage in the willingness to take a risk which I admired. There is nothing admirable about all the explanations and excuses being offered up as to why the experiment didn’t go off as planned. I would continue to admire the courage exhibited by all if there were sufficient grace to admit “ok. The experiment failed to produce the intended outcome. Let’s rework our hypothesis.” Instead there is all this redefinition of what the original experiment was intended to achieve rather that forthright admission that it was a bust. That smacks of lots and lots of ego and is probably why the experiment failed so utterly, completely and ingloriously.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    What if the next experiment were organized by Exopermacultue right here on this humble site so fearless as it is in your loving search for truth? There among the infinite choices of exploration you might guide readers towards finding “our collective wisdom derived from our unconscious” dream states suggested to us by you through this site. We then use the results and slowly amalgamate them into say ” tractates of insight.”

    It might work like this: (a) task ourselfs to dedicate three consecutive nights of dreams to learn if a theme exists. Submit to this site in brief summary in writing, any notion of theme each of us may then feel moved to forward in to this site. (b) list the themes on a follow-up site. (c) task the entire group to then dedicate three nights of dreams on each theme. So for example let’s say the themes are
    (1) Dream-state archetypes being cuurrently encountered by us, list them under the theme of say “Group Collective Guidance”
    (2) “Individual Prophecies” i.e., dream information received now that you know you have no physical way of knowing yet when you research your dream information on line it’s reported as true and accurate. While dreams and visions are symbolic, prophecy is specific.
    (3) “2012 Passage”
    (4) “OWS guidance”

    Then we all report back whatever happens in our dreams as a result of this dedicated process if we feel moved to share which understandable we may not. If it catches on, you’ll have every Psych Department Head following the post and possibly encouraging student participation.

    Just a thought on how it might work here.

    Thanks for your report.

  3. Rich Buckley says:

    It’s hard to remain “scientific” because of the lack of controls. The only control perhaps is openness and transparency. I come biased to the concepts

  4. Chris van Rensburg says:

    The day we realise that the greatest creations in the universe are on this planet, the sooner we will come to accept that whatever beings roam space, none are anywhere near our Creators perfect intent, exercised here, on mother Earth. I encourage everyone to stop looking to space for our “salvation” and consider that whatever is there and comes here, may be coming to learn from us. They may have certain technical or othe proficiencies that exceed ours, or that we do not understand as yet, but holositically, its all here, in our hands, our hearts and our minds. Stargazing is brilliant, but to transfer responsibility for “solutions” to whatever is out in space, is a complete and convenient abdication of our responsibilites here. We cannot even say but the grass is greener on the other side – because we haven’y ever seen on blade of “green grass” in the cosmos – it is all hypothesis.
    We devalue and insult all beliefs in our devine creation, we insult our inherent abilities as human beings.
    In case my point is missed, I repeat, we need to take accountability, responsibility, and action, here. It’s never too late, and its always too early to give up.

    • Rich Buckley says:

      Chris, perhaps there is a common ground among all our efforts, through dream state experimentation and analysis, when amalgamated through group effort, does not devalue and insult the divine within us, even if it my appear to deliver new wisdom we have refused to consider because of our beliefs. Part of any paradigm shift is to learn to look at the same evidence with fresh eyes. Old sins die hard.

      So your admonition is fair and valid and we reject nothing in the experiment except the fears that maintain the walking dead in their closed loop.

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