NATO summit ends, condemns Russia. Lada Ray: “WHAT Russian aggression?”

Once again, this is an alarmist post. As it should be. Where is common sense? What happened to MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) — as a deterrent? The US and NATO are clearly insane. Both genocidal and suicidal. The whole world awaits the conflagration which appears irreversible, unless there is a complete about face, or ET intervention, or . . . or what? I find it so difficult to believe that in the final phase of my own small life, I might be witness to the final phase of humanity’s sojourn on this planet.

NATO Summit Closes by Condemning Russia


Russia is not going to do what NATO demands. The question now is: which side will start the nuclear war — attack first. In any case, the war (assuming that NATO neither retracts its demand nor disbands, and so war results) will probably be over within less than an hour. There won’t be any winners, but the side that strikes first will be destroyed less than will the side that merely retaliates. And, in that sense, there will be a ‘winner’, even to an all-out nuclear war. Regardless, though, Vladimir Putin’s responsibility is only to the Russian people, no matter how unacceptable the two choices are that NATO has offered him. He has tried many times to discuss the matter with Barack Obama, who always refuses to discuss it with him. Obama’s refusal speaks clearer than any mere words, either from him or from (his agent) NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, possibly could.


Geopolitical analyst Lada Ray puts American/NATO propaganda in extended, and greatly needed perspective here:

Operation #Anakonda16 and NATO Summit in Poland: Direct Threat to Russia

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So far, it’s been NATO that has been encroaching on Russian borders and threatening Russian security. The newly opened BMD base in Romania and the upcoming one in Poland, attempts to drag Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, dangerous provocations against Russian ships and planes in Black Sea, Mediterranean and Baltic by the American and NATO military… As one example, recently NATO jets deliberately came too close, surrounding in dangerous proximity the plane of the Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu and forcing Russian jets to intervene for protection.

Happy like a child who just received a new toy, Polish defence minister announced that one battalion ‘will be sufficient against Russia’ until the main NATO forces arrive to protect Poland against Russian aggression. The NATO Secretary General echoed by saying that NATO will protect ‘its eastern members against Russian aggression.’ Meanwhile across the big pond, US General Breedlove (and other just like him) are publicly professing the need to attack Russia.

The instigator and the driving force behind this conflict escalation is, as usual, the United States of America. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, let’s check where Russia is located relative to the Baltics, Black Sea and Mediterranean, and where US is situated relative to the same areas.

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