NATO meets — and “splits”; Putin cancels appointments, calls Obama. WILL LIFE ON EARTH PREVAIL?

imgresThe aPUTIN-WARNS-WEST-facebookbove is an alarmist title, I realize. But I truly am alarmed. It’s not just this country that is reeling from its own internal violence. The whole world reels from the endless violent thrust of U.S. belligerence.  And, I would say, the deliberate and continuous centering of the self into a vibration of spacious presence is what’s necessary now. All of us together. As we go about our day, keep centering into presence. This opens the vibratory field to infinite possibility, helping to derail the seemingly inexorable march towards armageddon.

Remember, if Clinton is (s)elected, her proven love for war might just “take us all the way.”

Meanwhile, today and tomorrow, July 8th and 9th, NATO members hold a summit meeting in Warsaw Poland.

As usual, only five members actually pay for NATO’s costs, with the bulk of it U.S.

(In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Brexit poses a big threat to the U.S. because the U.S. uses Britain to make sure European nations go along with NATO plans.)

The U.S. Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity have penned a detailed communique to Merkel, urging her to temper NATO’s belligerence. Really worth reading.

Merkel Urged to temper NATO’s belligerance

Because it looks like the new NATO commander who replaces Breedlove is cut from the same strutting, macho cloth.

Today’s consortium news has this:

NATO Marches toward Destruction

I’ve posted this next one somewhere already, but will do so again here, as Putin’s usual unflappability is missing. Can you imagine what pressure he’s under by his own military?

Putin LOSES it, Warns Journalists of War: “I don’t know how to get through to you people” (Video)

Meanwhile, Putin has cancelled all appointments for the rest of this week.

Plus, Putin called Obama re: Donbass?

Imagine how you would feel, if belligerent NATO was breathing down your neck. Would you just sit by and “take it”? Try to be reasonable? Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Soviet Union put missiles on that island near our shores? Well, we are in even more dangerous territory in 2016, and nobody, but nobody, is really paying attention.

Oh wow, just as I was going to post this, I see:

Unity, but not Unanimity? NATO Split on Countering Russia at Warsaw Summit 


NATO’s massive build-up in the three Baltic countries and Poland is officially labeled “assurance measures,” but not everyone in the alliance is keen to take part in what German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier recently called “saber-rattling and warmongering.”

Whoever believes that a symbolic tank parade on the alliance’s eastern border will bring security is mistaken,”Steinmeier said in defiance of multiple war games in the region. A recent YouGov poll found that 64 percent of Germans agreed with his statement, with only 16 percent rejecting it.

German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, an influential yet moderate politician, said NATO must revise its policy.

“We must ask if the world would be a better place when both sides conduct military exercises on the borders and arm themselves,” he told Passauer Neue Presse on Thursday, adding that it is time for Europe to start a new “disarmament initiative.”

YES! Remain centered. Keep on being, and spreading, divine love through the open heart.


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