Naomi Wolf on Edward Snowden: snow job?

Edward SnowdenIt’s the day my weekend retreat starts and I’m up way too early. Saw this story by Naomi Wolf, which fits (and doesn’t fit) my astrological analysis (that he might have been duped, given his intense Neptunian component), and makes me stop and think more deeply about how the Edward Snowden saga could play in and/or play into the hands of those who want to keep us in fear.

Gordon Duff and Jon Rappoport also wonder what’s going on and don’t trust it — for different reasons. Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot is trying to get an interview with him.

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My question: why is Naomi Wolf the only critic who has noticed that Snowden doesn’t seem to have a lawyer? Also read the comments underneath her piece. I take it here from the economic policy journal, but it seems to have originally appeared on her facebook page, followed there by huge number of comments, pro and con.

This Edward Snowden story and its ramifications really does seem to be another rabbit hole, to me, a sign that there is much more afoot than we realize, though we have no idea what it is! Reminds me of the swirl around ET/UFO. And makes me think again, of the possibility that each of the infinite points in an infinitely spacious universe, when seen from close to, expands into another infinite space with infinite points — and so on and on.

Maybe what’s really important is that we begin to realize the illusory factoidial nature of this dense 3D reality, how anything that can be said about anything, will be said, sooner or later, and that all of it is radioactive, with a half-life. That any so-called “proof” is just a form, like any other form. Basically, a joke! For in a world that is spinning through space there is no bottom line, no “that’s it, we can go no further, we’ve reached the end, the origin, the source.” If there were, wouldn’t the entire Earth have fallen into it a long time ago? But she doesn’t! She keeps spinning, dancing, weaving her way, singing in harmony with her planetary, solar and galactic sisters and brothers . . .

Result? It’s up to us to choose. Choose how to live, how to be.

Me? I choose to remain open — open to experience, open to life, open to marveling at the infinity of imaginations that dream up stories about stories about stories.

My Creeping Concern that the NSA Leaker is Not Who He Purports to be ..

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, the possibility of having been duped yet again is addressed beautifully by
    Steve Beckow in his posting, ‘Thick Skin and an Open Heart’…(Golden Age of Gaia).

  2. Joseph comments on the Snowden-NSA leaking affair and its possible hidden implications

    Did the CIA give the NSA documents to Ed Snowden?

  3. Gen. Keith Alexander (his troops call him Alexander the Geek) is the man in charge of our cyber warfare. One of the near impossible tasks we assign our cyber snoopers is to use honorable discretion in their task to not infringe on our privacy. When you’re the guy in the hot seat of responsibility running over 30,000 cyber snoops, there are political alliances that set their major agenda: forces of light in service to others (for freedom and liberty) and forces of darkness in service to self (for security above all else). Try separating those elemental energies in your own job and you’ll know just how difficult Gen. Alexander’s mission remains.

    Lying to Congress in some circles is viewed as patriotic…unfortunately. When our top cyber snoopers recently just assured congress they do not cast a broad net over American Citizens, well…. to put it fairly, they lied to Congress, rendering the public’s task of Congressional oversight, a farce at best. Such an instruction “to resist doing evil” must emanate from the people, as not even the President seems willing or able to lead on the issue of mandating a pull-back at NSA.

    The dynamic of NSA lying to their oversight congressional committee will not likely change without some level of expressed public outrage. Snowden’s whistleblowing heroic courage may or may not be what it seems. But it has triggered a significant change in public attitude, in believing NSA goes too far domestically.

    A new form of cyber security ambassador?

    There are forces of light in service-to-others inside big government that are working to maintain our personal liberty and freedom as we evolve into a global family. There’s a war within a war within a war to paraphrase the late Dr. Edward Teller. Snowden may well be a new form of cyber ambassador, placed into service by forces of freedom, a sort of a double agent if you will. The objective being to offer internal guidance to help bring China’s perceived US image away from the negative “Enemy” status currently in vogue in mainstream media. Snowden’s “China is not an enemy” is a profoundly sane state of mind from which to operate, something closer to “Trust but verify.” It’s more than self-serving, it reaches back to our historical roots with China.

    What is the evidence that Snowden is cyber security ambassador?

    So far we have no hard evidence that Snowden is a cyber security ambassador. All we can do is monitor his story line to see which forces prevail. If Snowden is acting as a volunteer sacrifice double agent – cyber security ambassador to China the likely tell-tale results of such a mission should appear in some form as a cyber truce agreement between China and the US. After all, if you read the above link to Alexander the Geek on Gen. Keith Alexander, you’ll discover that we’re the ones who started this cyber war. The world is retaliating. How do we save face and stop these cyber war cycles? Snowden may yet prove to be more than a pawn in this effort…

  4. Ann your post prompted me to highlight the first principle of quantum physics, which implies that ‘every’ problem is driven by its potential solution. Positive Intent in Negative Information | Whistleblowers

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