My (vicarious) Spring Equinox

Hilarious! Yesterday’s Equinox celebration went on elsewhere, without me. I “stayed in balance” (heh heh) by NOT giving in to Ted vibing me from Oakwood Retreat Center to come enjoy the evening bonfire!


It’s true. I almost did give in, grab puppy Shadow and make the two-hour drive up there. But one cooler head prevailed — mine.

Here’s the pic he sent this morning. What a fire to announce the beginning of spring and the inception of the annual 30-day fiery Sun in Aries energy!


I almost put up the above pics this morning, but no, I decided, not enough for a post. But then, mirabile dictu, I got this hilarious card in the mail from my sister Kristin, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, with a note:

“I know we don’t have a shred of Irish, but hopefully this will make you smile. Can you hear Mom? I can.”


Yep, I can hear her too, intoning this nasty little poem even through the long years of her dementia. It was the one long thing Lady Renee could remember!

So Happy Equinox everybody! May the uprising Sun’s reach warm the soil and incite the bursting of the seeds — of rebellion against the status quo, being cooped up so tight all winter long. For this is the year, folks, when SHTF. And we need to be ready for it, and able, and laughing all the way. No sense getting too worked up about whatever’s coming down the pike. Remember: “Be at ease with whatever is arising.”


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