My son is getting ready to help feed the world!

I know, I know. The title to this post sounds grandiose. But it isn’t! The Garden Tower Project has been brewing now for nearly two years. This revolutionary product — which makes its own fertilizer out of kitchen scraps with worms and can be placed anywhere there is sufficient light — is about to spawn its second (more refined and even more affordable) generation. In the past six months my son Colin teamed up with two wonderful partners, and they’re off!

Kickstarter launch April 17th. Please help! Go to the splash page, or go directly to the new website.

(BTW: I especially enjoy Colin’s story, which gives both the origins of this project, and how his Aquarian mind works. Read his story to your children and grandchildren. Who knows what they’ll be inspired to dream up for all of us!)

I invite you to participate in the first wave of support for this great idea that can help feed the whole world, especially in urban areas, and areas with poor climates, and for those who don’t know how to garden, or don’t want to learn, or have trouble bending over, or hate weeding, or want things to grow faster than usual, or are too old to spend much time figuring out something new! The Garden Tower is basically idiot-proof.

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