My friend Claudia, on Ode to Monsanto video: “The root chakra has been activated.”

I posted earlier today about the various inventive ways we are helping each other to wake up. Here’s another one. Music. Song It’s what got us all going in the ’60s.

My dear friend Claudia, with whom I traveled to Thailand a few months ago, writes:

You may have seen this.

The subject is vibrating. It’s in the collective wind.

Ten years plus ago a jeweler with a store next to ours appeared to be
being consumed by the information he was listening to. That reptilian
people would conspire to kill off our population and reassign wealth both
in private and public domain seemed so fantastically evil my belief was suspended
as if hanging from above my head on acute alert . . . absorbing. The fantastic has
become clearly common.

I believe the human people will move now in ways surprising and unpredictable by those
who take part in the orchestration of destruction for their own satisfaction.
The root chakra has been activated.

I didn’t intend to write this. It might be for your blog.

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2 Responses to My friend Claudia, on Ode to Monsanto video: “The root chakra has been activated.”

  1. Martha says:

    Sorry but I’m missing the point…Are we doomed by the reptoids/Archons, you are saying??? They have always been with us and our root chakras have always been activated—all the way to the Crown & above—Kundalini Rising—& Via meditation–“We gotta get out of this place–if it’s the last thin (the only thing) we ever do”…Yeah–I remember the music of the ’60’s….Time to put it into practice & “Get back to The Garden”…

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