More: Snowden as (invisible) Paul Revere, fabulous farce, and white house petition fully loaded


Update: Please see Laura Bruno comment on my first Snowden post from this morning. She may be right. I may have been snookered. Or not! In any case, it’s worth investigating what’s going on, starting tomorrow, with a “nuclear terror” whistleblower journalist, David Chase Taylor, who for two years has been seeking asylum in Switzerland.

Geez, I just can’t stop! (See this and this.)

Snowden’s epic journey has got to be the most hilarious, astounding, fast-breaking world drama ever. Way better than any movie or cartoon. Makes me wonder what’s next. Not to mention what insidious NWO chicanery foments under our flaring nostrils while we’re entranced by the do-or-die nature of this David and Goliath tale.

Edward Snowden: A Modern Paul Revere

Edward Snowden Leaves Reporters Chasing Shadows Around An Airport

From The Guardian.

From The Guardian.

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