More ramifications of recent US/NATO Summit that demonized Russia


Image: the Boston Globe

Note: And see this.

Opinion piece, Boston Globe, written before the NATO summit:

Is NATO Necessary?

Oops! Got a little out of hand there. Okay, let’s correct it with another opinion piece,  different author in the Boston Globe, written afterwards:

Why NATO is vital for American interests

Meanwhile, Russia sees things more clearly.

NATO ignores terror threat coming from the south; demonizes Russia instead

Meanwhile, the U.S. does harbor some people who do think for themselves about what is actually going on elsewhere in our name.

NATO and US Agree To Deploy Military Forces Against Non-Existent Russian Threat

Not many, however. Certainly not enough to change the rules of the larger political and economic game that sees “National Defense (read “Offense”)” as front and center and core of our nation’s identity.

Presidential Candidates Push American Supremacy, not National Defense

Nobody in “the halls of power”  even thinks about dismantling Empire. That would deconstruct our so-called “exceptional” nation state that enslaves or destroys others just to get and stay “on top.” NATO’s “enemies” give job security to American generals, defense contractors, banksters, and alphabet agencies.

Meanwhile, the boomerang effect of what we do and have done to others for decades — or rather since the very founding of this nation — is returning, big time, to slap us in the face, to demand that we wake up. First, to our own inner assent to the brainwashing we have been subjected to via the corporate-controlled educational institutions and mainstream media in their role as propaganda arms of the corporate state. Then, to how we have projected that brainwashed view of the world out on to others and basically, either consciously agreed, or stood by, while our military murders them. (Imagine: the kill list that arrives on Obama’s desk weekly. “Let’s see, who should I take out with a drone now?”) And third, to how the increasing violence and unrest in this country has now infected the collective will to the point where anything could happen, anything.

The Warfare Comes Home

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1 Response to More ramifications of recent US/NATO Summit that demonized Russia

  1. Christopher Crockett says:

    Please, Ann, show some Respect for our Commander-in-Chief.

    G.W. Obama is a very well-educated and well-spoken fellow –at least if he’s not speaking to an African-American audience, when he has a tendency to go “down market” in order to give the impression that he’s just one of the Homie ‘Bros.

    He would surely say “Whom should I take out with a drone”


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