More on the uniformly nasty? ubiquitous, VIRUSES

I keep thinking this stupid corona virus scare will just fade away, but the fear-mongers just can’t stop beating the scary virus drum! It makes me wonder: could it be the case that the fear of the virus is a case of not really understanding the nature of viruses, even assuming it really is a virus that is “causing” the illness that seems to be driving people mad with worry? Not that I understand viruses, but I do know that when tested for viruses by a special frequency machine, there were hundreds of different viruses in my body. And probably have been, all along! No big deal. P.S. I’m not sick, I’m 77 years old, and my immune system is strong, thanks to taking meticulous care of my body for decades, including organic food, daily exercise, plenty of sleep, and the inner decision to treat all FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real.

And here we go. “The virus” tanked the stock market again today, and F.E.A.R. is about to ramp up even higher!

While I appreciate Mitchell’s skepticism, the expert I really tend to trust is Jon Rappoport, because he’s smart, he thinks out of the box, and he’s been investigating “pandemics” and vaccines ever since the HIV/AIDS scare in the early ’80s.

Viruses: A Different Perspective


One research-estimate suggests there are 320,000 viruses on Earth that infect mammals.

This means: types of viruses. For each type, I suppose you could say there are at least trillions of individual viruses.

So we should all be dead. Long gone. But we aren’t.



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4 Responses to More on the uniformly nasty? ubiquitous, VIRUSES

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    I’ve been following this coronavirus thing pretty closely, especially being a Biologist, and I agree that this virus is being blown way out of proportion. In fact, the numbers of infected and dead involved aren’t any more than a normal flu season (except for those present in 5G environments, but that’s another subject entirely). I know you don’t care for this blogger much, but he’s right on the money here:

    …and the second part of his article is also right on the money. Check this out:

    This is an excuse to declare medical martial law and lock down cities so that the NWO can ring in their One World Currency. And it may kick off as soon as next week.

    Not trying to push fear here, just saying it might be good to stock up on what you need now as things could be bumpy for a while. The good thing about this whole thing is that if these idiots DO push this, the very act of doing so will awaken the sleeping masses. There is already cricital mass to turn this around for humanity’s benefit.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes! Thanks for the reference to redefininggod. I wondered just the other day what he would say about this obvious rollout of something!

  2. rose day says:

    Anthony’s observations are spot-on and I would merely add that the virus is serving as
    conveniently effective cover regarding financial industry shenanigans that have essentially been on steroids since the 2008 debacle and may well be headed for another fork-in-the-road, yet ostensibly this time around, minus back-up assets from a presently depleted mid-level financial fulcrum.

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