More on the astrology of the apparently over (?) BLM/Ranch stand-off

bundy-rangewarAs I stated a few days ago when this wild west story first came to public attention, the Bundy Ranch drama illustrates the now torquing into exactness Grand Cross in the four signs of Initiation: Aries (Uranus), Cancer (Jupiter), Capricorn (Pluto) all between 12° – 13° and Libra (Mars, going RX, now at 17°, due to trigger the Grand Cross at 13° during the third week of April).

Many astrologers are talking about this coming alignment, as well we should. This is an extraordinary combination of extremely powerful, volatile energies. What I’ve especially noticed is how much testosterone-fueled energy is dominating, with lots of cocky men strutting their stuff, not just among the militia at the ranch, but with the U.S. response to Russia, name-calling Putin, etc. Lots of Pluto in Capricorn too, of course, the massive, grinding, stuck power of the state sending out its own cocky males in uniforms (which both curbs and fuels the cockiness, depending) — BLM, police, and in Ukraine, weirdly uniformed protestors on all sides . . .

Jupiter in Cancer is invoked to defend the homeland, private property rights, one’s own ranch, etc.

Mars in Libra. Hmmm. What will that bring? Well, impulsive, warlike Mars feels extremely uncomfortable in the diplomatic, let’s-all-work-things-through sign of Libra. And, it’s moving backwards, also a distinctly uncomfortable motion for this planet that wants nothing more than to pounce, right now, on whatever gets in the way of pell-mell forward motion. Instead, it’s moving retrograde: so stay the course, back up! No violence!

This was the message from, interestingly enough, the daughter of Cliven Bundy that I saw this morning, insisting on non-violence:

Message from Shiree Bundy Cox April 11, 2014

BTW: I found the above message at Jean Haines’ site, one of my main sources for real news. Jean is keeping close track of this story, and has lots of things to report.

Okay, a message from Shiree, a woman. Hmmm. NOT male energy. Not needing to “fight,” to “shoot.” Telling folks to tone it down, way down.

The reason I decided to post this on a day when I thought I would be completely off the computer is that I think it important that we recognize, not only that we are in the middle of an extremely volatile month, but that the explosive Grand Cross will, in the most volatile third week, also be configured within a Grand Trine triangle of watery energies that includes Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Venus/Chiron in Pisces. In other words, violence contained, or transformed, within a cauldron of love. Thank the goddess for Saturn in Scorpio especially, since it is slowing things way down. In fact, since October of 2012, until the very end of this year, we are having to sit in our stuff, stew in (and with enough awareness, purify) our own polluted juices, rather than act them out wantonly. Whew!

And of course, water is female energy, soothing, flowing, blending. Shiree Bundy Cox can, in the Bundy “Range War” that is now, apparently over, be seen as the figure who symbolized this watery Grand Trine energy that corralled and balanced the volatility of the Grand Cross.


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  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Live stream link of cows being released by BLM to the Bundy ranch….Yeah!!!

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    Although it wasn’t covered in the mainstream, the US seem to pass through a crucial vortex peacefully yesterday.

    Since no one was killed it didn’t get coverage in mainstream:

    Had any one of the government agency mercenary sniper-killers shot and killed an unarmed Nevada cowboy, in my humble opinion, it would have been the start of a very dark period for all of us.

    Who would have guessed that it would be this remote, tiny speck of wilderness out in the Nevada desert called “Bunker Ville” where the forces of good and evil found a stage to battle? Here assembled an array of heroes and villains to climax Act III in the saga of top-down government suppression driven by a Hollywood movie plot of alleged high level Senatorial corruption against one lone voice, rancher-hero Cliven Bundy.

    I walked away from Act III believing that we may after all spread grace and compassion among our many demons.

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