More on that hero dog . . .

In yesterday’s post, my own attitude toward Trump’s relationship with dogs was purely psychological.

(Plus: I was hoping and praying that some day Trump will actually descend from his 5D mind into his body and contact the good Earth barefoot in a primeval forest, on mushrooms — and now I add — with a dog. I say this because I can see this possibility as an evolution within his amazing psyche, and that if that miracle occurred, and he does actually undergo this kind of transformation, given who he is otherwise, his ubermench colossus self, able to plan and to accomplish much more than most people despite immense and constant opposition, then our relationship as a culture with our own bodies and with Earth might begin to follow his immense lead and descend into a healthy respect for, and indeed recognition of, Earth herself as our mother, teacher and healer.)

Others see a coded language, as in, for example, here’s Q speaking of No Name (John McCain), who then subsequently died (was killed?) on National Dog Day!

This in turn makes me recall a tweet by James Comey where he referred to losing his dog; odd that I would remember it, from just about a year ago. And I did wonder at the time. But wonder what? I’m not sure.

That I took the Trump recent remarks about the hero dog at face value is interesting. Likewise that I took his explanation of what happened at the death of the ISIS leader at face value. That is, until I saw that he, like Bin Laden, had supposedly been buried at sea???!!!

That, frankly, blew me away. Not only was there the pic of Trump and his generals supposedly watching the action in Syria as the special ops team performed their mission, which of course, lots of folks then contrasted with the same sort of scene when Bin Laden supposedly died —


— but them both of them were supposedly “buried at sea”??? It all makes me wonder: are they playing us, and wanting us to know that they are? But, then, who is “they”?

Turning the focus back on myself, the filters I use to discern what is (perhaps) real and what not, I recall not believing for a minute that Bin Laden was actually the body that was buried at sea (if there even was a body). I viewed that entire operation as a psy-op, figuring that Bin Laden had died years earlier.

(Oh wow: and remember 1999, when JFK Jr and his wife and sister-in-law were supposedly buried at sea?)

Yet this time, I took Trump’s remarks about the operation in Syria at face value. I tend to beLIEve him. Why? Or maybe, it’s more like I tend to trust that no matter how bloviating and swashbuckling his (Mars in Leo/Ascendant) persona, his Leo heart (unlike slippery, elegant, puppet Obama’s) is actually in the right place, and that whatever he does, he has good reasons for it which we may or may not find out some day.

For example, see this:

Trump’s praise for the dog that helped capture al-Baghdadi was a psy-ops classic

And then there’s the astrology of this time, which has also nudged me towards believing that yes, this ACTION (to eliminate al-Baghdadi) was taken, and announced, as part of an ongoing Mars square Saturn/Pluto thrust which, hopefully, is turning this massive Titanic ship of state around before it hits the iceberg.

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4 Responses to More on that hero dog . . .

  1. TurtleTurtle says:

    I don’t know if you see InPursuitofTruth on ubube, but he has been going on about dog tweets since March related to the DS. Every video is worth a look and all of them are listed under the new one today. The other very interesting tidbit is that the man who photographed the ‘staged’ Obumm picture on the right claimed that the one on the left was staged, yet the time stamps are correct and are accurate to the details. Note the screens on the right are OFF…ha! Also note the creazy cat-5 cables….there is an undercurrent of information that they found ‘cables’ the go from the ISil hq directly to the state dept. Another allegory is that the situation POTUS described in the cave at the attack is to communicate to the DS that is where they are….trapped. Will they burn themselves up, come back and make a deal? Lots of parallels and deep messages!
    (spelling incorrect by mistake as my comments are being removed everywhere!) This is SUCH FUN!

  2. Anthony says:

    I’m still 180 degrees removed on Trump (you did see that AG Barr wants “Minority Report” *pre-crime* legislation approved, right?), but this al Baghdadi thing: what if Trump is trolling the CIA/FBI by saying they killed him just like bin Laden – but they actually have him in custody and will roll him out during any impeachment trials to implicate Pelosi and Schiff etc. in the goings-on in Syria?

    That would be interesting theater, wouldn’t it?!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      It certainly would! The parallels in the two cases do feel very intentional. SOME kind of trolling going on. Haven’t read the Barr thingie yet, but plan to. Thanks for nudge.

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