More, much more, on the Church, Pedophilia — AND WORSE

Googling a question about Catholic priest pedophilia and the disillusionment of “the faithful,” how that has affected participation and donations, I came across this:

Catholic church facing declining dollars and participation as investigation widens

Hmmm. But how much? And how much will it take before the rest of the American public just stops “going to church,” no matter what their views of the afterlife?

I ask this because, if you follow pedogate at all, you may have been aware of the Catholic Church scandal since 2002, when Boston exploded with the news, later  memorialized in the 2015 film, Spotlight.

My entire family is Catholic, and I’m almost scared to ask each of them where they stand now. I did ask one of my sisters recently about how she now feels about Pope Francis, and she said, after hesitating, “disillusioned.” I didn’t say anything further. I know how deeply “being Catholic” is embedded within the family psyche (with me as long-time apostate), and how difficult the process of red-pilling can be. It’s as if one’s entire psyche has to be violently and painfully ripped apart before it can put back together again — in a new way, a way in which one will, never again, trust any so-called authority outside the intuitive knowing of the deep Self.

But now, “the Church” and churches in general are under increasing scrutiny, and the inquiry widening. See for example, coreysdigs latest dig:

Church Pedophiles and Child Trafficking Nests Intersect by the Thousands

Her investigation reminds me of The Keepers, its revelation (to me), that pedophiles work not singly, but in nests, involving not only priests, but judges, police, lawyers, teachers, etc., all protecting each other.

As of yesterday, the Australian press has now been allowed to admit that Cardinal Pell was found guilty late last year of sexually assaulting two thirteen-year old altar boys 22 years ago. Pell had held the number three position in the Vatican.

This comes on the heels of February 21-24 weekend Vatican Summit on Clerical Sexual Abuse, during which the Pope, in a chilling phrase, said the abuse reminded him of “the ancient religious practice of child sacrifice.”

Interesting that he should use that phrase, because just a few days ago I listened to Kevin Annett, the man who, as a naive, innocent young prelate with a wife and three children, stumbled across what became an expose of “the planned extermination of indigenous children in Canada’s murderous Indian Residential Schools” in the mid-1990s and then, when he tried to alert his superiors in 1997, was both summarily defrocked and deliberately alienated from his young family.

See the pdf of his free book, Murder by Decree. 

See the Canada residential schools documentary, UNREPENTANT.

Annett has been driven by his early discoveries ever since to expose the rampant pedophilia and child murder that threads underneath the surface of polite society everywhere, founding the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), which reminds me of the more recent Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, organized by the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, with Robert David Steele as its Chief Counsel, and Ronald Bernard as one of its star witnesses.

Now, Kevin Annett, who, as you can imagine, has been much vilified over the years, has just held a conversation with Sarah Westall in which he claims even more astonishing revelations, this time about Pope Francis, who, he claims, has now been stripped of any real power. Watch it, if you dare, for that’s not the half of it. In fact, if Annett is right, then his revelation about the Pope leads right back to the Pope’s reference to “the ancient religious practice of child sacrifice.”




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4 Responses to More, much more, on the Church, Pedophilia — AND WORSE

  1. alex simack says:

    Wow great work Ann. Thnx for keeping this ever before us.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You are so welcome! Not fun, but necessary if we are to purge this evil from our collective unconscious.

      • Alex Simack says:

        Hi again Ann. Here in Indy I continue my work as a “lightbearer.” Ha! Sounds a bit pompous. But I have fought it for many years; indeed, most of my life. At least nowadays I have a context. I used to blurt things out, then say to myself (as my listeners were struck into silence): “How the heck do I KNOW that?…..I sure hope I don’t have to defend what I said with logic….” And then, the timing so often seemed wrong. If I spoke at a meeting, someone would say, “Alex, this is not the proper time….” But then, as I lived in community, I began to notice that it was very rarely EVER time. You could say, the energy that prompted my speaking would not come around again the same way. Ah! Way back in ’93 I wrote a whole book about such stuff….Well, nowadays people like you, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and so very many, are writing out the logic trail and speaking out on Youtube, fighting off the censorship and the skepticism. Gawd, my whole life I’ve had people correcting me! I can correct myself, Thank You! I continue to work almost every day with various 12-step programs up here; they are so many and so very nuanced. I notice with pleasure that the Quaker community at one of their retreats is presenting a workshop on “the spirituality of the 12 steps”; how they apply to problems such as depression, as well as the historical problems of narcotics, alcohol, etc. (In Philadelphia, else I would go.) It’s the shamanic way, also: the curse turns into a blessing!

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