MORE COVIDIANA: Idaho Doctor, who restricts himself to Covid context, and Max Igan who widens the perspective

Idaho doctor: “Average age of covid deaths, 78.6; average age of all U.S. deaths, 78.6.”

To this visually displayed bullet point, the good doctor comments, tongue-in-cheek: “That’s fascinating . . .”

I will be 78.6 years old in only three months, on June 19, 2021. However, for 40 years I have treasured (on mental, emotional and spiritual levels), treated (with healthy daily body, mind, and body/mind nutrition and practices), and trusted the brilliant inner sovereign authority of my own biological immune system.

(And yes, I also supplement with Vitamin D3 and Magnesium: see below.)

The result? NO FEAR.

And guess what? F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) itself suppresses the immune system! How many times have I already repeated this?

Thanks to a good friend who put me on to this video. While I still doubt it was actually a pandemic (but rather a scamdemic and plandemic) and frankly, along with David Icke and others, I still wonder if the the dreaded Covid-19 even exists (since nobody has managed to isolate the virus, and it seems to have entirely replaced the flu! i.e., is a flu, rebranded), he’s certainly correct that it will be hard for them to keep it going, since viruses, he says, naturally fade “after six to nine months” and thus this one should be downgraded to “endemic.” BTW: hats off to Idaho, which did not adopt a statewide mask mandate.

(But of course, there’s all those imagined scary variants, new versions — more contagious! more deadly! — for which more jabs will be required in this grand genetic experiment! Yes, ANYTHING to keep the FEAR (of the virus, but really, underneath, fear of death) alive, the world locked down, and we the people isolated, divided, and depressed.)

Speaking of healing, what if architecture itself could function in a healing manner? Structures with, to us, mysterious, unknown, or invisible functions dot the landscape all over the earth. Structures many of which were constructed not thousands of years ago, but only hundreds of years ago. And yet these are structures so intricately and complexly designed and built, that we no longer know how to understand them, much less design and build them. Here’s Max Igan on the subject of sound frequency healing techniques.

Related:  if you want to go down a fascinating rabbit hole, research Tartaria, for example, this:

Max goes further, much further. Is he paranoid? Or is he right. Unless enough of us wake up from the MSM media and Big Pharma induced fear virus and put a complete stop to this mad rush to totalitarian technocratic transhumanist globalist CONTROL, it’s all over. The human experiment on earth will have failed.

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7 Responses to MORE COVIDIANA: Idaho Doctor, who restricts himself to Covid context, and Max Igan who widens the perspective

  1. Bruce Tompkins says:

    Where is the additional info about vitamin D3 and magnesium?

  2. Anthony says:

    Who is the Idaho doctor and where can we access the vid to share elsewhere? Thanks for this Ann!!!

  3. michael riesterer says:

    Ann: Can you provide a direct link to the Idaho doctor video ?
    Thank you.

  4. Jane says:

    Thanks for being you!

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