MONSTER John of God covered ALL the evil bases

Imagine, all the horrendous stuff that we are being unwillingly exposed to during these years, amazingly gathered together and detonated by the life of single person, Joao Teixeira de Faria, or “John of (so-called) God.” Pedophilia, murder, incest, baby trafficking, human farming, sexual assault — and, to top it off, every bit of this evil wielded under the mask of a sanctimonious priest/healer/guru type who channeled “spiritual entities” and, apparently, has, for decades, wielded such magical power that he magnetized celebrities, politicians, and a supermodel among the thousands per day who flocked on flimsy buses to his perch in a mountain village of Brazil, begging for his ministrations.

And imagine, just last week, a single female whistleblower, on live TV, Sabrina Bittencourt, calling him out for sexual assault. And then imagine her whistle being blown by 600 other women, instantly.

And finally, imagine Sabrina dying, a “suicide,” or suicided, a few days later.

Her death was announced  two days ago.

All this and more, most likely.

Tiffany Fitzhenry presents the overviews, with appropriate cold fury:

Bill Clinton, Oprah, Sex Slave Farms and Babies for Sale


Her Name was Sabrina Bittencourt

Now imagine, just how far Joker John of God’s “star” has fallen. Here’s one hagiography, from 2016, Newsweek, Special Edition, on “Spiritual Living.”

John of God: Miracle Healer

Oh yeah, and so this one man, and the hoopla surrounding him, also efficiently detonates what we’ve learned to call fake news in mainstream media.

BTW: it was his daughter who called him “Monster.”









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3 Responses to MONSTER John of God covered ALL the evil bases

  1. Dawn says:

    Horrendous deeds. I had heard of him over the years and him being touted for all the miraculous things he had done. I’m truly great ful for the light being streamed into this space if twisted, sick and demonic darkness. It so saddens me that this woman and many others experienced such horrors and that she was also killed because of what she knew. There are many more out there like John of God. Let this be the beginning and continuation of the outting of such darkness. Thank you Ann. This is not easy stuff to write about. Much love sent out

  2. Alex Simack says:

    Thanks Ann for this story.

  3. TurtleTurtle says:

    It is my enduring hope and faith that sustain me; as dark as this and much more to be revealed is, that at the other end of the spectrum is an equal amount of Light. And to you, I will continue to pray for your wisdom, as ever, to shine through in the blog-o-sphere and reveal the heart.

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