Monsanto monkey business?


After the wildly successful facebook-organized March Against Monsanto on May 25th,, plus the news immediately following that Monsanto had stepped back from marketing in Europe, Mike Adams of naturalnews thinks the tipping point has been reached.

The Monsanto tipping point has been reached: We shall overcome global food injustice (GMO)

I sure hope he’s right. On the other hand, just saw this on veteranstoday::

Monsanto Deception Game on GMO in Europe

Stay awake and aware and meanwhile, here’s a list of products to avoid investing in (or buying, or using, or eating), from

Monsanto Products to Avoid Purchasing

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 9.33.28 AM

And here’s a longer list from

Monsanto Brands

The following list consists of brands that Monsanto owns and does business under. These are the companies that are associated with genetically modified seeds and extremely harmful herbicides.

Agricultural Seed Brands

  • Asgrow
  • Channel
  • Deltapine
  • Fielder’s Choice Direct
  • Fortanelle
  • Gold Country Seed
  • Heritage Seeds
  • Hubner Seed
  • Kruger Seeds
  • Lewis Hybrids
  • REA Hybrids
  • Specialty Hybrids
  • Stewart Seeds
  • Stone Seed Group
  • Trelay Seeds
  • West Bred

Traits & Technologies

  • Acceleron Seed Treatment Products
  • Genuity Traits
  • Prescriptive Ag Solutions

Vegetable Seed Brands

  • De Ruiter Seeds
  • Seminis

Weed Control Brands

  • AquaMaster Herbicide
  • Bullet Herbicide
  • Certainty Turf Herbicide
  • Degree Xtra Herbicide
  • Harness
  • Intrro
  • Lariat
  • Maverick
  • Micro-Tech
  • OutRider
  • QuikPro
  • Roundup Power Max
  • Roundup Pro Concentrate
  • Roundup Pro Max
  • Roundup Redy Plus
  • Roundup Weater Max
  • RT3 Herbicide
  • TripleFlex Herbicide
  • Warrant Herbicide
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