Miss Irrepressible Steps Out of Line

Can’t we all SO relate to this little video? Who is this child who simply can’t be contained? And who are the others, who studiously overlook her antics?

Is the video real? Or were the black child’s antics programmed. (Interesting that she’s “the dark one,” the Other.) We’ll never know, and it does illustrate how difficult it is to discern what is real, what not, or even what “reality” means at this point in his-story when all the story-lines shimmer into nothingness and the field that held them reconfigures to engender a much vaster realm of possibilities.

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  1. Visionkeeper says:

    I know kids will be kids, but this looks very staged to me….

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, the “glamming-up” of little ones is just a bit too ‘Jon Benet Ramsey’ for me…simply a personal observation and absolutely no judgment is intended as it is obvious that the audience was highly entertained.

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