Disclosure? Milton Torres and Edgar Mitchell on CNN

Milton Torres, retired Air Force pilot, and Edgar Mitchell, retired astronaut on CNN.

As Mitchell says, “It’s about time.”

My question: when are active duty military and astronauts going to spill the beans? When will those who might lose their jobs if they “tell” step up to the plate? What could possibly hold higher priority?

Time to trust the universe and follow our heart’s call . . .

Thanks to messagetoeagle.com. March 8, 2012

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5 Responses to Disclosure? Milton Torres and Edgar Mitchell on CNN

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Dr. Edgar Mitchell, (retired astronaut, 6th person to walk on the moon) for readers who may not know, is the founding director of IONS .. The Istitute Of Noetic Science here in California in Marin County. The site has several discussion videos by Dr Mitchell. His discussion of his profound personal flash awakening experience while perched halfway between Earth and Moon is quite moving. He landed back on Earth a changed being. He remains to this day a balanced loving being who serves patiently and humbly with much love.

  2. GuyVanDusen says:

    Is energy the problem? Is debt the problem? I wonder when our leaders will be brave enough to tackle the real world problem. (POPULATION) Compare the debt crisis graph to the population growth graph and you find a real crisis. Does the word unsustainable have any merit here? You will know when people recognize this problem the masses will want guns over food. Check out the budget for arms. Are we there yet ??????? Don’t worry our government will take care of us so give all you can give.

    • queenvictrola says:

      Population is definitely a problem. But, oligarchs and war mongers are taking the wrong approach. They are trying to kill us off. Any decent person knows that. What WILL make the difference is a universal respect of the feminine. All institutions: religions, bureaucracy, corporations, educational institutions and family cultures need to completely flip the thinking to gender equality and start respecting the Earth and women. We are not chattel, baby making machines or idiots. We are human beings with much to offer. When women have full and equal rights, women will lead, our children will be cared for and educated, while many women would choose a professional life over kids and family. Life on Earth would change in ways most amenable to everyone. Women’s rights are human rights. I’ve done a LOT of thinking about this and feel very hopeful about this. In order for this to happen, religious zealots, old, angry control freaks and women, too, need to change their thinking about their roles in a world rapidly changing with or without passe patriarchs in charge.

      • Guy Van says:

        I totally agree with the population problem but it is a huge political quagmire and a death trap to anyone brave, stupid, etc. enough to go there. It has to do with the religions of the world opposing birth control. It would solve so many problems.

      • Guy Van says:

        I don’t disagree with you and women have come a very long way and in many cases here in the US have surpassed men in income and jobs. Just as minorities have have made huge advances just 200 years ago black men were slaves now one is President. Inequalities will exist as long as there are humans on the earth.

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