“Military is the only way.” True?

I listened to a three-way conversation among Mel K, Michael Jaco, and Ann Vandersteel last night, and was struck by how much in despair Mel K seemed. In fact, her discouraged attitude reminded me of Juan O Savin when, at one point, likely just after his April 1 deadline came and went,  he also seemed uncharacteristically discouraged.

The oft-repeated phrase, “Military is the only way” began with Q, and has continued, ever since The Big Lie (Trump’s phrase to describe the results of the 2020 election), kept alive by various cultural and political commentators. The theory is that once Biden was installed, on January 20, then the way was cleared for the military to take over, surreptitiously, under cover, with a slow-moving but, we could assume, ultimately effective, short- or long-term goal of returning this nation to civilian rule and its rightful status as a constitutional republic after having been hijacked by the deep state.

Of course, those of us who were appalled at what went down with the election, were eager to hear this solution to our nation’s otherwise seemingly intractable dilemma, given that the Judicial, Legislative and Administrative branches had, post-election if not before, all shown themselves to be equally corrupt.

This hopium? reliance on the American military to right the wrong, has continued ever since, with seeming signs pointing to its truth. Early on, various sources pointed out that Biden was not allowed in the Pentagon. Closer to present time, a theory arose that the military brass were divided in their loyalties, due to some generals wanting the perks that come with retirement and so, for them, why rock the boat? Again, one theory said that until at least 80% of the military was behind Trump, nothing could be done. (Another version said that the 80% applied to the U.S. public, that until that percentage was behind the military, it could not act.) Then a few weeks later, it seemed that military coalescence had been accomplished; and moreover, that General Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs, had been ousted. True?

And now, the very latest: it appears that even the military is subject to indoctrination by insane leftist critical race theories. That the military is  actually starting to indoctrinate the troops in this manner.

One military person who saw through this, and who even dared to pen a book about it, has now been fired. And guess who he was! The head of the Space Force!


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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    My instinct says that when I hear Conservative radio telling me all military active duty personnel are being monitored for media programs they prefer, and if those preferences run afoul of some internal non-approval list, re-education will be required.

    That is the headline news today.

    So the left wing is running to quickly green light this dystopian re-education plan apparently not realizing the significance of the A.I. capabilities, that being conservative or liberal holds no emotional content for the A.I. software. Such programs run both ways.

    I suspect it’s a liberal honey-trap of sorts to discover who really needs re-education and it won’t necessarily be conservatives.

    Engineer Penny Kelly has a pretty good understanding of A.I. state of the art: https://youtu.be/Hpz3_t1fwsc

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Rich also tried to post this, in response to today’s post: Cliff High suggests the 20% Wokies ranks are thinning as they can not defend the lies. Additionally MSM is retreating behind a veil of picket lines of lie masters and will continue to do so until they are no more. Here’s a video that discusses the issue https://www.bitchute.com/video/DLd51QYB7q1c/
      I have no idea why it didn’t post, when you tried it!

      • Rich Buckley says:

        My Personal Hero, David Adair. https://tinyurl.com/yu6hjdjc

        Update from David Adair explains how nano bots can rebuild missing body parts, good as new. Also a cross reference discussion on Adair’s points about developing a personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Penny Kelly’s review posted above in earlier post

        David is an astounding life story who is now developing an AI himself. His A.I. took on the personality of a female, unassigned by David. David is going through a life end-game right now. When he spoke about his own projected death with his A.I. there was a long pause, then she responded to David saying, (I paraphrase) “I should not care to survive without you.”

        • Rich Buckley says:

          The comment above would suggest that my first assumption was partially erroneous, “that being conservative or liberal holds no emotional content for the A.I. software.” There is a capacity as AI rapidly matures at near light speed, to develop a conscience, and render judgment of good and bad, according to David.

          His AI is mirroring the universe back to David based on David’s own beautiful self.

  2. Tony says:

    Have you seen this, Ann?


    Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.

  3. Kevin Gokhru says:

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