In Mideast (proxy and real) wars are multipolar; inside me, wars (real and imagined) resolve into balance.

The chaos and confusion in this “explanatory” video would be funny, were it not so horrifically destructive of real people’s lives and treasure.

Who wins? Weapons manufacturers and banks.

I don’t think I’m the only one who has noticed that the entire phenomenon we call “war” is falling distinctly out of favor. We’re no longer buying the hype. It’s only a matter of time before we shift into a more expanded way of solving our interpersonal and collective disputes. How much time? That’s up to us. Let us recognize that every conflict has at least two sides, and that everybody’s experience is real for them. Let us expand our own view of the world to include other’s worlds as of equal value to our own.

Once we do that, the rest is, not his-story, but her-story. We women quite naturally put ourselves in our neighbor’s shoes, feel what they are feeling, care for others as we care for ourselves. Without this capacity, no woman would ever have nurtured her own child.

So dear men, look to your women for direction, for the way out and through. Look to, and feel that precious, vulnerable, intimate feminine aspect buried within your own strong male heart. For she is there, she is alive and waiting for your call. Only as we all move into wholeness, balanced internally male and female, will we come to peace within ourselves, and by extension, with each other.

I just noticed that I write this post on the very day that expansive Jupiter moves into Libra, sign of balance, coordination, diplomacy, relationship of equals. Jupiter will remain in this new sign one full year. May we all learn what he/she has to teach!

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