Middle of night insomniac, I turn to a Kryon channeling. FANTASTIC!

I don’t often turn to channels any more. With the exception of Barbara Marciniak (sometimes, though can feel excessively dark), Mathew Ward (though not as interesting as before) and Kryon, even more rarely.

(People like Lisa Renee, whose language is so very different than what I can pick up on (I presume her language mirrors her very different understanding), are just way over the top for me. I had no idea I could be labeled a literal thinker, until I came across her work!)

From the notes I took afterwards at 3 AM, these provocative phrases: “wisdom barrier, consciousness agreement, quantum consciousness.” Actual channeling begins  about minute two.

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4 Responses to Middle of night insomniac, I turn to a Kryon channeling. FANTASTIC!

  1. Ernest Guindon says:

    Willl listen to this later — just wanted to say I appreciate your comments — the literal thinker is the one who actually gets things done, who sees reality on a factual rather than just a theoretical basis. The radical activist, the real person. Recent video you posted of folks gardening, cleaning an area shows quite a good community!

  2. Rachael Carlson says:

    Ann, I only listened to this because you were the one recommending it, and even then it took two weeks and an insomniac night for me, as well. This was so exactly what I needed to hear, and addressed some specific truths that have been pushing their way into my personal ‘wisdom barrier’. I found myself–uncharacteristically–talking back to the audio, mostly saying, “Yes! Yes!” and, “Thank you!” And warm thanks to you for this, and all that you offer up for consideration.

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