Mick Jagger’s P(l)andemic: “It’ll be a memory you are trying to remember to forget”

My ex-daughter-in-law Sue sent me this newly released video today. Said she thinks I’ll “like” it. Oh my . . . and I see her email just after returning from the grocery store this morning, skirting zombies . . .

I do much better with other people outside, where, depending on where I’m walking, not all of them are muffled, masked, and shuffling.

I can remember when you could catch someone’s eye, despite the masks. More and more, people use the mask to escape into their own blank? interior. And, if they do meet my eye, it’s usually in alarm. I’m too close. Or I’ve removed my mask in disgust as I walked out of the store.

What really amazes me is to see fellow permaculturists, going along with the scam. Terrified. Getting the jabs, and proud of it.

Whatever happened to viewing one’s own body as an integrated ecosystem in its own right, with an amazingly brilliant protective immune system that all one must do is nurture to stay “safe”? I don’t get it. Permaculture the earth, but forget that one’s own body is made of earth? Maybe Descartes was right. “I think. Therefore I am.” (Therefore only my mind is me.) Or maybe it should say: “My mind is programmed by outside Authority. Therefore I am”?

Oh yeah? Project Veritas just took CNN down, as well as elevating both Trump and Gaetz, exposing this “outside Authority” as a deliberate propaganda outlet, a mere Wizard of Oz.  The beginning of the end for the MSM?

Check out this virologist.


And for me, most amazing of all:  I really can’t predict just who would and has taken the Gates/MSM/CDC bait, and who has not and won’t! My very oldest and dearest friend has now gotten both jabs. Another old friend, too. And yet, a third old friend, like me, is not just seemingly immune from propaganda, we are both, actually, at this point, utterly furious. Like Mick Jagger.

Easy Sleazy lyrics.






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