Michael Tellinger: From the deep origins of our enslavement to Ubuntu

This fascinating 20-minute video lays out Tellinger’s version of the mysterious origins of humanity using Biblical references to speak of when the gods mated with men and the consequences for humanity ramrodding through his-story ever since.

Tellinger claims that the origins of money stem from that time, that money was not derived from trading (as we’ve been taught), but was introduced specifically as a tool of enslavement.

So now, after all these thousands of years, we are waking up collectively to what has kept us down ever since, and the solution, Tellinger claims, and I thoroughly agree, is Ubuntu, an organic “economic” system that does not use money; instead, each person is viewed as of equal value to all others, and expresses naturally into the world what he or she was born to do.

In permaculture terms: When we observe nature, we notice that, rather than an exchange of money, there is an exchange of energies. In any ecosystem, each plant and animal and rock and tree fully express their own natures, each of them interpenetrating in harmony with all the others; so are we meant to be and to do.

My own views on the essential uniqueness and value of each individual human stem from my two decades as a professional astrologer, constructing chart after chart, each one unique, expressing the special gifts and needs of the person whose soul had chosen that particular planetary configuration to be born within. I had to realize: there are no two people alike, all are extraordinary; that if we were all naturally expressing our original natures, the entire universe would work in harmony; that when even one person is shut down, there’s a hole in the universe where he or she is meant to be.

I find it interesting that I discover this video on a day when President Obama and family are in South Africa, a country on the continent now in the crosshair’s of Empire’s “full spectrum dominance,” where most of the world’s gold is mined; which is why, Tellinger, himself a South African, claims, the “gods” originally landed there, to mine the gold.

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