Michael Krieger: “The world you lived in no longer exists”

Krieger exposes the massive ongoing power grab delivered by our “rulers” via this so-called covid-19 pandemic. I’m glad I read through his entire post, as part way down Krieger shifts the mood dramatically. YES!


Here’s the part I very much appreciate. But do read through its entirety, unless you already know that of course the usual bad actors are hard at work to get even more for themselves, and you’d rather not pay attention to the details of the current operation.

We often get distracted debating the implications of Fed actions, and in the process lose sight of the bigger picture. The real question we need to be asking is why do we allow a handful of unelected banker welfare agents the right to shape our entire world? It’s a crazy system, and until we start questioning the underlying premises of everything about our world, we’ll remain confused and subjugated.

That said, I remain more optimistic than ever that once we get through this crisis and a rough transition period, a far better era awaits on the other side. I say this because I believe this pandemic will shake enough people to such an extent they’ll emerge from it very different people with a more enlightened understanding of the world and their roles in it. An event like this can make people less conscious, or it can make them more conscious. I think humanity will expand its consciousness.

Of course, the future is not written in stone. Each and every one of us needs to grow up and step up if we’re going to build a better world. We each have our skillsets, so I ask everyone reading this to think about how they can repurpose their talents to the great work of ushering in a new era. I don’t do any of this to change the world. I can’t do that. I do this to inspire as many people as possible to change their own worlds. Then everything changes.


For example:

I see where Alex, who used to live here, yesterday offered to head up a weekly conference call for her friends, both near and far. YES!

Here in Green Acres Permaculture Village, we are utilizing this extended time period to tackle indoor and outdoor projects that we usually do not have time for. One of us starts a project, and others join in. Nobody the “leader.” All of us equal participants, offering our special skills, talents and energy. A very Aquarian time! Grateful. And I notice that it took until Saturn actually moved from controlling Capricorn into laissez-faire Aquarius for us to get fully motivated as a group. Now we’re going like gangbusters.

And it feels damn good.

Meanwhile, I saw this somewhere the other day and saved it. Great title: Fear and Greed Index (of the now wildly gyrating stock market.). That’s our dog-eat-dog life when money is made the “bottom line.” Money is NOT the bottom line. Money is human created and lives a very precarious existence as a thin scrim upon the infinitely mysterious and interconnected natural world of which we humans, guess what, dudes, ARE A PART. Duh!

More and more of us are beginning to find this out. Without money, we must rely on both individual human ingenuity and mutual cooperation. Luckily, in small intentional communities like this one, we got a head start.





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