Michael Douglas: Another “star” used to sell Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia

Remember Angelina Jolie? Here we go again.

Michael-Douglas-Oral-SexMichael Douglas may be a cunning linguist, but his cancer explanations still make no sense

June 6, 2013

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) With his recent declaration that he “got cancer” by performing oral sex on too many women — and here’s the proof recording of him saying this even though he later denied it — actor Michael Douglas joins the long list of Hollywood celebrities who embarrass themselves by repeating absurd lies told to them by cancer doctors. According to Douglas, it was not his smoking, drinking, stressful lifestyle and substance abuse that caused his cancer… no, it was all those “deadly vaginas” says hilarious radio guest Liam Scheff on the Robert Scott Bell Show. Download the June 4, 2013 archives to listen:


If having oral sex with women gives you cancer, then Charlie Sheen should be the world’s most monstrous walking tumor. But he isn’t. That’s because oral sex doesn’t cause cancer. It’s a delusional medical myth dreamed up by the vaccine industry to sell HPV vaccines to the masses by linking them to common sex acts.

No wonder the American Cancer Society just gave Michael Douglas an award. It’s the “Cunning Linguist” award! Because he’s so good with words, you see. Especially when teaching people about why they should all run out and get shot up with HPV vaccines.

Why I cringe every time a Hollywood celebrity declares something about cancer

By the way, I don’t enjoy covering movie stars and their cancer adventures. It pains me to even cover Michael Douglas, as I always feel some level of compassion for all these celebrities (including Angelina Jolie) who are duped by the cancer industry. At one level, they are only doing the best they can given the very limited, distorted information they’ve told by conventional cancer doctors.

On the other hand, it has to be stated that if you want a poster boy for why NOT to listen to the cancer industry, just look at Michael Douglas. This is a man who went from being vibrant, glowing and full of life to looking exhausted and hollow following chemotherapy treatments. That’s what chemotherapy does to you, of course: it gives you cancer while destroying your body.

Sadly, nobody ever explained to Michael Douglas that the No. 1 side effect of chemotherapy is, scientifically speaking, more cancer. They probably also never told him that other side effects of chemo include permanent brain damage, liver damage and kidney damage. This organ damage then impairs the body’s ability to detoxify itself from dietary and environmental poisons, further accelerating the person’s aging.

Too many celebrities are killed by the cancer industry

Sadly, Michael Douglas may soon join a long list of celebrities who died not from cancer, but fromcancer treatments. Those who made similar mistakes include Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, Peter Jennings and Tony Snow. There are many more, but you get the point.

It saddens me to see people of such fame and fortune allowing themselves to be sacrificed by the cancer industry. If they had only been able to see documentaries like Cut, Poison, Burn, then they would have at least been able to make more informed decisions about their cancer treatment options.

The conventional cancer industry is so delusional that it pretends nothing exists outside its monopoly-protected chemo, radiation and surgery. Yet the world is full of cancer treatments and cures that are successfully used every day by people all over the world.

Don’t expect to hear about them from many celebrities, however. Although some are well-informed about natural medicine and holistic therapies, very few speak out.

Suzanne Somers shines with the voice of truth and courage

Suzanne Somers is probably the most courageous in raising her voice about natural cancer treatment options. Her book “Knockout” is a must-read for anyone wanting to survey what’s available in the world of holistic, non-toxic cancer treatments.

But instead of being praised as a courageous, informed woman seeking answers to empower other women, Suzanne is of course viciously attacked by the cancer industry and the mainstream media over her book. That’s to be expected, though: anyone who steps on the toes of the highly profitable cancer industry must expect to be targeted with unfair, slanderous and utterly fabricated accusations by the popular press.

Because if there’s one thing the media doesn’t want people to know about cancer, it’s the truth — that you can halt cancer, prevent cancer and even reverse cancer. Cancer vaccines are a medical hoax. Conventional cancer treatments cause cancer and turn cancer patients into repeat customers for the sick-care medical system.

You’ll never hear the cancer industry empowering people with information about vitamin D for prevention, or how to select anti-cancer foods at the grocery store, or how to avoid cancer-causing chemicals in personal care products, cosmetics, hair dyes and laundry detergents. Nope, that information isn’t offered to you. Instead, you get treated to absolutely laughable nonsense like Michael Douglas saying his cancer was caused by some other woman’s crotch but not his smoking habit.

The TSA is checking us all for crotch cancer

If crotches are so deadly, then now I suddenly understand why the TSA needs to reach down all our pants: They’re looking for deadly HPV strains in order to protect air passengers from dying of cancer. Or maybe the TSA is actually looking to spread HPV from one traveler to another, which is why they never change their blue latex examination gloves between crotch examinations. (Seriously, have you ever watched them closely? There’s a good reason why I don’t fly anymore…)

Now it all makes sense. Oh, and by the way. Now Michael Douglas claims he never said what he said about oral sex and his cancer. You just heard him wrong when he said, precisely, “without getting too specific, this particular cancer is caused by something called HPV, which actually comes about from cunnilingus.” Click here to hear the actual recording.

Oh snap! All this time I thought he was talking about being a cunning linguist! It’s all my fault, of course. His publicist is probably correct when he recently called me a master debater.

Photo credit: Breitbart.com.

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