Mercury turns to go retrograde today

Mercury turns to go retrograde today, at 23°34 Taurus, exactly conjunct my natal Moon at 23°02 Taurus. What will this period portend for me personally? Stay tuned. What I did notice is that yesterday, I had this tremendous urge “to call Mom” i.e., to call my mother, call home. As if I needed to “touch base.” She has been dead for nearly two years. And when she was alive, she only barely functioned as a nurturing Mom. She tried, but it wasn’t in her nature. All eight of us suffered from this, though only some of us know it. On the other hand, I always say, to anyone who complains about the way they were or were not mothered “everybody is either overmothered or undermothered.” I.e., what’s appropriate mothering, what not? Given my own independent nature, I tend to prefer under to over.

Mercury will remain retrograde for three weeks, joining four other planets currently retrograde (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars). Time to dig in, connect more deeply, go back and rework old stuff. Re: Mercury retrograde specifically: possible travel and communication snafus; postpone signing important contracts until May 22, when it turns again, to go direct. Mercury will remain in the shadow of its retrograde period until June 8, when it finally recrosses the 23°34 Taurus position.

I will be taking notes, since this retrograde is personally important, given its position on top of my natal Moon.

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  1. visionkeeper says:

    My Gemini self can do without three weeks of this, but oh well. Not a darn thing I can do about that except go with the flow somehow. I just don’t need things breaking right now as there is no moola to fix anything…Maybe this will be a gentler retrograde this go round. Fingers crossed. Happy weekend! VK 🙂

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