Mercury turned to go direct, today. And did so conjunct Uranus/Eris/Midheaven in fiery Aries!

Mercury turned, to go direct, today, at 24°16 Aries, 12:33 P.M. EDT, after three weeks retrograde. It turned as it hit exactly on the 25°20 Midheaven of this chart for Bloomington, tightly sandwiched between Uranus at 25°34 and Eris at 23°24.

Mercury: the mind, communication.

Uranus: sudden, unexpected changes, surprises, shock.

Eris: the goddess of discontent, edge walker.

Midheaven: the path, the public path,  your role:  disruptor of the status quo.

All four in fiery, impulsive, Aries, sign of new beginnings. initiation.

If you have personal planets connected to this area of the zodiac (ca 21-27* Aries), or that same degree area of its fellow fiery signs of Sagittarius, or Leo, and/or of the other cardinal signs of Cancer, Libra Capricorn, then you cannot help but be deeply affected by this powerful, eruptive turning time. Whatever strong, breakthrough communication that has been germinating deep within your unconscious over the past three weeks seeks release now, today, or within the next few days, or at the very least, while Mercury still retraces its steps through the shadow of its retrograde period, calming down somewhat when it enters Taurus on May 17, and completing on May 22, when it finally hits the point where it turned to go backwards, at 5° Taurus.

Note that the powerful, fracturing Mercury/Uranus/Eris/MC combination makes a harmonious grand trine with both the Moon in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. The sudden eruption of communication carries strong, expressive, possibly egocentric feelings along with it (the Moon in Leo), and is framed in a disciplined manner within a certain world-view (Saturn in Sagittarius).

On the world stage, you please notice that that Putin and Trump talked yesterday, the day before Mercury turned, plus Trump  said he “would be honored” to talk with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, if the circumstances are right. Both relationships herald sudden breakthroughs in communication during a week when the top search on google is “nuclear war.” 

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