Mathew's View of Fukushima Radiation

A whirlpool-like spiral galaxy is being distorted by the gravitational pull of a neighbor in a new photo from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. The photo was released Wednesday (April 20) to mark the orbiting observatory's upcoming 21st birthday. Hubble was launched into space April 24, 1990 aboard the space shuttle Discovery.

I find the excerpt quoted below from Mathew’s latest (April 25th) channelled Message very interesting, and it ties in with my hunch that we don’t understand radiation, or, as here, radiation in the current context. It may be that as we, as a species, wake up to our capacity for continuous expansion of awareness, we will realize that there is no final end to our understanding of radiation — or anything else! Just as archeologists and paleontologists are continually pushing back the date of origin for the human species on Earth, so too, here. Science is a guessing game, done in hopefully “controlled conditions,” i.e., fenced-in fields. Depending on its construction, a fence can “keep out” some influences from beyond, but not all, and there is always bleed through from beyond — not to mention from within! — that we don’t even notice, much less understand. Moreover, if we were really honest, we’d admit that there are no fences in the universe. That it flows on and on in every direction forever. That the whole glorious shebang is, for these tiny, fenced-in, puffed-up left-brains of ours, more to be worshipped than understood.

Indeed, it may be that in contemplating the mysterious nature of radiation, we begin to pull back the veils from the divine.

“There is other widespread lack of knowledge about what is going [on]. Your scientists don’t know that Earth is orbiting in frequencies where radiation is fractured and less potent than registered by your instruments. Naturally they aren’t calibrated to include factors not known there. Furthermore, differences in their precision are causing a range of readings and that’s creating confusion about what the radiation levels really are. The lowest readings are more reliable by our instruments, which do take into account that fracturing I mentioned. Also, most people who know we are around because our small ships often are visible do not know that when our technological gear is on the ground, we can dematerialize the reactors and nuclear waste and purify your polluted air, soil and water. Earth’s own phenomenal healing powers aren’t recognized either, so that isn’t in your scientific projections of the possible outcomes of this nuclear situation.”

Read the whole Message. You won’t be disappointed.

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