Mathew Ward, on Obama’s Role and Intent in the Syrian Imbroglio

images-1Just when I figure I’ve got Obama figured out; just when I finally come down on the side of “Obama’s a bad guy” — his weird intransigence and about-faces on Syria were the icing on the cake — I see this, from the spirit world inhabitant Mathew, who has long said that Obama is really a good guy. Here, in response to a reader’s question, and speaking through his mother Suzy, is Mathew’s interpretation of what just went down re: Syria.

True? I have no idea. Jean Haines, BTW, feels that Mathew’s Messages come from the astral plane, and so are just “wishful thinking.” Hmmm. Her opinion makes me pause, but not make up my mind.

Actually, I’d rather not make up my mind, ever! Would rather remain open to the unbounded field of possibilities that any moment now, could shake us all into the limitless field of Love.

Mathew’s Message for September 30, 2013


Did US President Obama threaten Syria with a strike because he’s in collusion with Big Oil?

No. President Obama needed leverage to persuade the Assad regime to stop the use of chemical weapons, but he never wanted the situation to reach “strike” point. Contrary to the publicity about the frosty relationship between him and Vladimir Putin—as one reader wrote, “the new cold war”—behind-the-scenes talks about Syria were underway between US and Russian diplomats well before the highly publicized negotiations started. Neither of the countries’ leaders wants to be militarily involved, neither wants chemical weapons to be available to any group, and both are sensitive to the humanitarian aspect of Syria’s war.

Heart and soul, President Obama is dedicated to the mission that the highest universal council asked him to undertake, to bring unity and peace to your world. We know that many people perceive him considerably differently from what we have told you, and for the benefit of new readers, we offer a very brief recap of happenings.

When the council devised the master plan for Earth’s Golden Age, they expected all the evolved souls who wanted to be major players in the ascension process—an evolutionary undertaking unique in speed and scope in this universe—to hold to their agreements. Some agreed to play “heavy” roles to provide conditions that would enable the majority of people to complete chosen experiencing and wind up third density karma. When those souls’ missions were completed more than a decade ago, they refused to honor the rest of their agreement, to join the light forces. They had become captivated by their power at the peak of the Illuminati network and they continued fomenting unrest and suffering whenever and wherever they could.

Thus, the soul that embodied as Barack Obama inherited seriously unsettling national and global situations that never would have come about if those souls had adhered to their agreements. But they didn’t. Consequently, he stepped into the presidency at the peak of adverse environmental and economic conditions, wars, random violence and stockpiles of lethal weaponry; and throughout his time in office, the Illuminati have fought his endeavors to reverse those situations.

While he has made many decisions under duress, never has he worked in collusion with the Illuminati. It is the opposite—he has been making every effort possible to bring to an end the remnants of their global control. So it is natural that their agents have disseminated lies about Obama and his intentions as part of their counteroffensive to thwart any reforms that are greatly needed in his country and the world. Sending light to President Obama and all of Earth will assist in the speedier accomplishment of beneficial changes that are integral to the uniting of your world in peace and respect for all life.

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