More on Massive Military Madness


Young people who decide to join the military as a “way to serve my country” are both foolish and naive, according to one who did.

“You Grow Up Wanting To Be Luke Skywalker Then Realize You’ve Become A StormTrooper For the Empire”

Meanwhile, where are you “stationed” as a soldier? Who knows? you could be anywhere, given the spread of Empire to just about every country in the world.

Report: 44,000 unknown military personnel stationed around the world

And the worse part of it? Private/military contracts that bring total numbers of those who “serve” the spread of Empire to astronomical proportions. See this excerpt from above article:

The United States maintains 23,659 contractors in Afghanistan and 4,609 in Iraq, according to a fourth-quarter 2017 report from the Defense Department. Many of them are local residents and foreign nationals hired to provide basic services at U.S. bases, but they also include many skilled workers, pilots, technicians and private security forces, according to the report.

The percentage of Defense Department personnel deployed to combat zones is small by Post-9/11 standards of hundreds of thousands of troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. But smaller numbers of “train-and-equip” specialists such as Special Forces and contractors are becoming ubiquitous in many countries in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, according to the data center report.

I wonder if this kind of “accounting” is related to the just announced first ever audit of the DOD in 2018.

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