Mars turns to go retrograde today at 9°13 Aquarius

Mars, planet of courage, action, outward thrusting, chin out ego, stops, turns 180° to go in the opposite direction. Meaning?

Focus inward. Know that plans will be slowed down. Use this time to make sure you “know what you are doing” when Mars turns again, to go direct, on August 28.

Mars is retrograde for two months at a time, every two years, so  somewhat rare. I looked up Mars retrograde periods from 1942 on, the year I was born, and this planet has not been retrograde in this part of the zodiac, early Aquarius, at any time since I was born. So this is a first!

Mars turns to go retrograde this afternoon, 6/26/18, at 5:05 pm, EDT, at 9°13 Aquarius. As it does, it joins Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, all of which are also apparently moving backwards through the zodiac. All these others have retrograde periods that happen at least once per year, and last for many months. Mars, remember, has a retrograde cycle only once every two years.

Mars turns around at 9°13 Aquarius and retrogrades back to 28°36 Capricorn, when it turns again, on August 28, this time to go direct. After two months of soul-searching, we can proceed to begin to act on plans that were most likely started prior to the retrograde period, but thanks to the retrograde period, will hopefully by that time be much more solidly formed and capable of real world manifestation.

So don’t worry about delays. Delays are inevitable. The important things is to make use of this retrograde period to really “figure out what you are doing” before you act.

Mars in early Aquarius sliding back to very late Capricorn, and then, when it turns to go direct again, taking until October 10th to go forward over the same ground it backed up over since today. From October 10th on, new ground for manifestation will be plowed. Not until then.

Aquarius, the sign of group activity. The sign of inventions, unpredictability, strong, fixed ideas. In this time of ideological battles, of strongly, seemingly intractable pro-Trump and anti-Trump world-views, let us slow down, take our own temperature: let us notice, if we hate Trump for his ego, how we are projecting our own denied ego onto him; let us notice, if we love Trump, how we are looking to him to save us, rather than saving ourselves.

Aqauarius group action. Like-minded individualists (a group of Leos, opposite sign to Aquarius, and complementary) working cooperatively to achieve a common goal. That’s what’s required for whatever we choose to do once this time of reflection is over. And perhaps we can use this two-month retrograde period specifically to iron out whatever egocentric issues we all have with our own and others’ egos; use this period to reflect on how we need to use ego as a focusing lens to direct attention to what we want to manifest, but to do this without identifying with the ego itself.

What’s needed is awareness — of ego. Awareness larger than ego. Awareness includes ego. Awareness, once we begin to tune into this most mysterious aspect of our lives, includes all of life, the entire universe. Nothing is left out. Nothing, alien. We are all brothers and sisters and friends. As the Native Americans say, “all my relations.” Birds, bees, rocks, trees, planets, stars, ETs, ants, wind, water, fire, earth, ether, galaxies, nothing is left out, nothing too strange or far away to be included.

So, back to Mars. Here’s the chart from where I live, Bloomington Indiana, for the moment of turning to go retrograde:



Notice that Mars sits very close to the south node of the Moon, a karmic point, signifying that we are truly going back over old stuff left over from the past that we haven’t been able to work through. Mars, at the moment it turns retrograde, is also widely square Jupiter in Scorpio and widely opposed to Venus in Leo.

Jupiter in Scoprio: Such strong feelings we are in contact with during this time that Jupiter moves through Scorpio (October 2017 – November 2018)! Even when we want to keep silent, to button our lips, we can’t. Just like Kilauea, we are spewing forth long buried gunk within the collective unconscious. And it’s not fun. But it’s very real. Lovers split up over politics! Families can’t talk with one another, or friends! If you’re pro-Trump, you’re bad, wrong, say the anti-Trumpers; and vice versa. And never the twain shall meet!

Venus in Leo: Oh my, such strength in the self, we hope. We want that strength, we admire it. We can’t help but feel the need to express ourselves fully during this time (aided, BTW, by the fact that Chiron has moved into Aries!). But what if we do? Who will hate us? How can we get along, when we see things so differently from anyone we know?

Mars in Aquarius knows about the strong feelings of Jupiter in Scorpio and the individual expression of Venus in Leo. Mars in Aquarius also recognizes that Jupiter plus Venus equals LOVE. Love one another. Yes. No matter how we think or feel, we are Love, at bottom, all of us together, as one.

So there it is, Mars in Aquarius, early Aquarius, where the capacity for decentralized, cooperative group action is just getting started, to counter the heavy-handedness of centralized control and power (Capricorn) that Pluto is bringing so masterfully to the surface during its sojourn through Capricorn (2008-2024), aided and abetted, brought into strong focus, now by Saturn’s sojourn through that same sign (December 2017 – December 2020).

Mars will dip into late Capricorn in late August through early September; otherwise, it’s Aquarius all the way. So, in our groups of any size, let us use this time to get ourselves more “together,” so that we know what we are doing and how to begin to go about it, once August 28 rolls around. Yes, and let us recognize how networked, decentralized, cooperative group action IS the antidote to top-down, centralized power (Saturn/Pluto Capricorn).

Sabian Symbol for 9-10 Aquarius:

 For each of us, this is a symbol worth pondering.

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  1. I love it! Your breakdown explains a lot. I am wretchedly impatient and hate delays. This will help me relax into and go with them.

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