Magenta Pixie, on the dimensional “energetics” of Trump, Obama, and Boris

I haven’t watched the rest of this video yet, but you might want to check out her energetic assessment of these three individuals from minute 9 through 35.

Trump: purely a white hat: cannot be bought. Plays 5D chess.

Obama: a good person with the good of all in mind until inauguration, when he was hijacked by the cabal.

Boris: a grey hat.


Speaking of 5D Trump, did you notice his recent presser when he said the religious institutions must all be open by this Memorial. Day weekend? That goes for churches, synagoges and mosques. Because “we need more prayers, not less.” In one fell swoop, he united the three warring Abrahamic religions and brought even the consistently denigrated Muslims into the fold.

“In America We Need More Prayer Not Less!” – BREAKING: President Trump Designates Houses of Worship “Essential” States Must Open Up Houses of Worship THIS WEEKEND!

The point is, folks, there are are both “service to others” and “service to self” factions in all religions. As for the latter, Christians have their satanic pedophiles, Jews have Zionism, and Muslims have terrorists.

Just as there’s a bad wolf within myself, and a good wolf, too. As the saying goes, “which one shall I feed?”

In. this 3rd dimension, we must continuously choose between good and evil. Once we recognize that this is the dynamic being played out, and that, indeed, the entire unfolding “narrative” is theater, a play, we gain detachment and shift from 3D through 4D to 5D,


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