Love, pray, EAT in place: check out this apartment complex

To see more visionary, down to earth permanent culture, go to Facebook: Organic.Green.Roots.

Botanical apartment therapy in Phuket, Thailand

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14 Responses to Love, pray, EAT in place: check out this apartment complex

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    This terraced balcony portrays an urbanized community supposedly working within their regional climate, humid, wet, and tropical.

    How can we expect to develop honest urban plans, water delivery and storage systems, and live-work communities when mainstream media and environmentalists are both avoiding a candid, open discussion on Geo-Engineering and converting our atmosphere in the a metallic-energized plasma used for weapons of war. The environmentalist need to also talk truth about whats going on in the skies outside our windows and insist we engage a full, open and transparent public dialogue on Geo-engineering (chemtrails).

  2. Susan McElroy says:

    Okay, when I saw the lush photos I felt a moment of hope. Then, I read Rich Buckley’s comment, and all the hope went away…

  3. Suzanne Nixon says:

    Cue the X-Files music…The truth is out there. I thought he was talking about something legitimate that I just wasn’t understanding until I got to the last world. *sigh*

  4. FGF says:

    Nixon you are ignorant.. or trolling

  5. David Galbraith says:

    Details? The photograph is very interesting, but more information would be welcome. How large is this development? Who designed it? When was it built? Any information on its actual performace as a green-roof structure? Would love to have facts here.

    • I wish I could tell you more. The photo was somewhere on Facebook . . . So interesting, how much passion the photo has inspired on this site! It seems to me urbanites are hungry for just such a living environment. Have you seen The Power of Community, a movie about Cuba since the Soviet Union fell and they lost their source of oil for tractors, pesticides, travel? They turned to gardening in the cities, and I can’t remember how much of Havana is now gardened, 80%? At any rate, this IS the wave of the future. I just read somewhere that Chicago had over 700 community gardens, and that was a few years ago . . .

  6. ddemi77 says:

    I have a very strong sense that this is a computer generated conceptual art, I don’t know this though. Even if it’s not real, it could be.

  7. jamie says:

    could this just be Photoshop? i can’t find a reliable article or link that proves this photo is real. i want proof before i’d like to share it.

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