LOCAL: Thursday Evening Community Dinner. This week, Mexican!

We’ve been meeting outside on the patio for months now, the hot weather slowly morphing into warm, then cool, then cool with fires, on and on, until yesterday. We expected to eat out there last night too, but the weather forecast, at 5:00 p.m. predicted RAIN, starting at 6:30, which is exactly when our community dinners are scheduled. And yes, it did rain on schedule as well.

Okay! So it’s back inside for the winter.

This week it was my turn to lead. Okay. Mexican! I declared, via email. I signed up for tacos, and hoped the other five inspired folks in our eco-pod would each provide the rest. And oh boy did they! All the way to Leah’s flan for dessert. (I left before that got out of the oven, however. Though I love pod life, I also love solitude and balance both on a daily basis.)

But first, check out this incredible tomato, its little “comma” turning into a spiral . . . One of nature’s little miracles that I don’t appreciate nearly enough. This time I did — and showed Kat, who said, “Take a picture!”


Here’s the rest of the feast, which fed over a dozen folks, with plenty left over.

IMG_2644 IMG_2646 IMG_2649

Here’s Torrie, on the right, who joins Brie and Kat at the groaning food counter. Torrie brought not one, but two bottles of wine.



Torrie had told me at the Witchy Women event that she would love for me to look at her astrological chart, and I had agreed. So last night she came armed with her birth data. However, in the interim I had decided to shift from outright “gifting” to making what I do with charts part of the Bloomington Time Bank. That way I both get a “time credit” and inspire more folks to join the time bank! Clever me.

My mantra: Let Us Learn To Live Below Money.

I see today that she joined when she got home. We will meet next week to look at her chart.

Last night the DeKist house was hopping, with the pod’s four dogs and three cats underfoot, enjoying the melee. Given that most of the people are in their 20s, of course, the music was loud. Another reason why I bugged out early, even though I did appreciate the music!

Here it is, just getting started. I hear it went on and on, until 11 p.m.


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