LOCAL Sharing Economy: Permaculture Plant Swap! — and more

TOMORROW, MAY 1ST, 11:30 AM TO 1:30 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 5.12.40 PMThis swap is part of the burgeoning sharing economy in Bloomington. Here’s a story that features another Bloomington group, the Local Growers’ Guild.

Farmers’ Guilds: Building a Sharing Economy Down on the Farm

Whatever we can do to build community and resilience, let’s do it. The more and variety of internal exchanges, the stronger the system’s capacity to withstand and absorb unexpected impacts.

We’re also exchanging “time” with each other, more and more of us, in the new Bloomington Time Bank.

www. hourbloomington.org

“We are a community that works with an alternative currency. We exchange time and talents, instead of money.”

Seems obvious, does it not? The idea of learning how to live below the ravaging money economy that has turned the 99.999% into plodding debtors and frustrated wage slaves laboring under a false, mind-controlled cultural belief in “scarcity” that turns us against each other so that the .001% can complete their weird self-assigned task of deliberately wrecking the Earth to scarf up more mansions and diamonds and yachts?

For what exists below money?

Answer: EARTH! Nature! — in all her profuse glorious capacity for abundance and exquisite painful struggle to heal from human pillage. She is alive, and she is aware, and she shelters and nourishes all of us Earthlings — humans and other animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, trees, rocks, mountains and rivers, earth water fire air . . . Each being unique, irreplaceable, and of immense value, all of us interdependent, interwoven, alive and aware, at one with the living, conscious universe.


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