LOCAL PHOTOS: Flash Mob Job — making a hugelkultur bed

We had to take a another dying old maple tree down in the Overhill front yard. So, given our success in creating a hugelkultur bed around the old stump of the first dying maple we took down years ago, we decided to do it again. Only this time it would be easy. We’d use a flash mob. I figured it would take about an hour.

So I put the word out to the neighborhood list-serve, hoping for eight to ten people. And that’s what we got!

Guess what: we clocked it. 45 minutes flat! Amazing what a determined group can do, especially when you’re having fun, and enticed by ice cream cones afterwards.

Five of us from our two house pod, plus Logan and Carissa and their little one, Oliver, from across the street, plus Jen and young son Sam from a couple of blocks west of here — plus assorted dogs — all pitched in, arranging the logs, stuffing holes with carbon (newspaper, office pack, wood chips), and, in the end, finishing it off with a huge dead (I hope) pile of old old old vines and other unwanteds that Rebecca and Brie hauled to the front on a new blue tarp.

We’ll finish with a layer of compost and plant with a cover crop for the winter.

Story in pictures below.


view from south, Jen leg up

We culled the trunk pieces, for firewood. Otherwise we used the entire tree to surround the stump.

taking shape

Larger logs below, smaller above (obviously).

takes shape

We made sure the bed itself was positioned well within the property line, while definining its edge.

Logan getting chips

Logan hauled five or six loads of chips. BTW: the next flash mob job will involve using chips to mulch over cardboard on their front lawn for a garden next year. We’ve decided to keep the chip pile where it is for all three of our domiciles, with all of us adding and subtracting as needed, for mulch. (They also have an old tree to take down this fall — for chips, and hugelkultur?)

dead vines first

The hauled in tarp with old dead (I hope) vines and other matter.

vines from tarpDan reaching

finished job (looking west)

Voila! Done! In 45 minutes!

finished, looking south

Want to get that compost on SOON, and plant that cover crop.

Ice cream on the porch

Organic chocolate mint or organic cookies and cream, with either of two kinds of sugar cones. AND A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL. Whew!

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