LOCAL: Induction into Indiana Green Hall of Fame, plus Puppy Logistics . . .

Amazing, the various levels of reality we all juggle on a daily basis. Here are two that particularly interested me. The first, because it’s so great that there is a organization in Indiana that seeks to identify and honor sustainable places in this GMO corn and soybean state. The second because, doing logistics for puppy Shadow was an example of the kind of resilience we are developing here in the Green Acres Village. It does take a village . ..

For the Green Acres Village award see:

Green Acres Village to be inducted into Bicentennial Green Legacy Hall of Fame

Though I will be out of town for the awards presentation, Rebecca will gather the podmates and be present to receive the award on September 20.

The necessity to invoke the village for puppy Shadow care came about because of my rash(?) decision to go on a five week road trip, during which I am scheduled to do a number of presentations, including four on the Evolution of Green Acres Village:

Fiery New Moon, Mars in Sagittarius Ignites Spiral Journey Road Trip

Though I didn’t “plan” this synchronicity, it turns out that the expansive planet Jupiter leaves Virgo for Libra this Friday, September 9 (it stays about a year in each sign), and next week will move right over my 2 -4° Libra Midheaven conjunct visionary Neptune. The Midheaven is the most public point in anyone’s chart. It is during this week that I shall be presenting, twice, at the North American Permaculture Convergence in Hopland, California.

Tonight after our weekly Green Acres Village Community Dinner we are going to preview and critique the PP presentation I have composed, from the catalogue I recently organized of literally thousands of images from the past 15 years. I got it down to 100 images, and many of these will flash by.

The logistics for my five week trip, as you can imagine, are formidable. However, the most formidable turns out to be how to make sure puppy Shadow gets his longish daily morning walk. Here’s the table I composed yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.36.47 AM

The blank spaces will be filled in by my housemates, either Brie or Dan. Thank you everybody! Also, Brie has volunteered to drive me to the Indy airport at 3 A.M. on Tuesday. YES! And Ted from Oakwood Center will meet me in San Francisco to help navigate the first day in a rental car in a strange city in high traffic after hardly any sleep. Odd, that he should be going there at the same time, on an entirely different mission, and with this 24 hour overlap. YES again! How the universe conspires, rearranges itself when we are following our nature, expressing ourselves fully into the world, letting go of control and veering into playfulness. Again, and again, and again, YES! Intense, overflowing gratitude!




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