Local Action: Shifting into “The Shift”

Our Gift Circle met again this past Sunday evening at my place. Prior to the meeting I drove five miles to pick up Jim (who is without a car), and when we got here he asked what he could do to help. So he cut up and bagged the dead branches from the pear tree that I had asked him to cut down last week due to fire blight infestation. And it had one pear on it, after four years, it’s very first little, immature, fruit. Sob!

Pear on a pedestal . . .

We planted that pear tree during the first permaculture workshop we held in the GANG garden. It has been growing there for three years, anchoring the SW corner of the garden, and “taken” just as it was beginning to yield its bounty.

Shit happens as we go through the Shift.

Not all cycles move through to their natural end. The story of my long-lived Dad, for example, is unusual in that he has lived his life through to completion. And he knows it. And he is grateful. And very willing to release his body and enter the next phase of his ongoing journey .

Meanwhile, our Gift Circle has taken on a life of its own. And we know it. And we realize that what we are nurturing here is a new way of living, wherein each person is encouraged to express his or her full self, and to be witnessed by others in that expression, and held in high regard. Each of us comes into that evening’s circle full of the gifts of the self. They are of different kinds, in many different dimensions. Each of us comes with needs and wants, too, again a great variety. From “stuff” to service, of time and talent.

The biggest surprise this time was that Chris has purchased a heavy-duty “shredder” — for all those sticks and branches that keep dropping and popping in this decidedly tree-abundant land. For instant garden mulch and lasagna layered garden beds! And he even has a trailer to haul it, and will show us how it works. Whew!

This time we started with a wonderful meditation, facilitated by relatively new participant, Michael, who, for the first time, showed us just how wondrous for us is this expression that comes so naturally to him.

Paul mentioned that he feels that we are helping to bring in the new world as the old world crumbles all around us. We all nodded our heads. We know.

Another, when I asked the group during our potluck, “Who knows about chemtrails?” gifted us with his wide-ranging research into that subject, telling the group about the difference between contrails and chemtrails, and their possible implications. I was so very glad to discover that this man too is looking at the world as I do. That this retired Indiana University professor looks at 9/11, the JFK assassination, UFOs, free energy — all of it with the same kind of questing, skeptical, but open attitude. So glad! I’ve been writing about this “conspiratorial” stuff here in the exopermaculture blog, but not talking about it locally, except with my son Colin. And since there are now two of us who talk that way in the group, others want to know more. I took out all the DVDs I have saved for educational purposes from UFO Congress presentations 2010-2012 and dusted them off. Several people pawed through them, took some home.

When I began the Gift Circle, I didn’t think much about what we were doing. I just knew that the old ponzi economic system was collapsing, and that meanwhile, in order to not collapse into fear, I wanted to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and to share it with others. All part of what the following video would speak of as The Shift — back into our natural state, of cooperation, generosity and abundance rather than competition, stinginess, and scarcity.

Thanks to wanttoknow.info for the pointer.

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