Local Action: Happy Earth Day!

Remember when we first started to repeat the mantra, Think Global, Act Local? Well, it’s working! More and more re-localization, de-centralization of power, all over the world. YES!

On this Earth Day morning I stopped to talk with at least five neighbors out walking with puppy Shadow. That felt good!

Also walked by at least 20-30 beer cans, broken bottles, plastic cups, etc. strewn about the neighborhood after last night’s annual Little 500 Bike Race revelry. It’s difficult for me not to go into judgment about this kind of behavior . . .

This afternoon, Stephanie, Sarah, Alexandra and not sure how many others others (we did put flyers in neighborhood doors) are going to work together in the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden (GANG). Stephanie, this year’s director, has quite a list of things we need to accomplish pre-planting. Hope it doesnit rain!

Plus, we were going to hold a bi-weekly meeting of our Gift Circle (BTW: here’s a wonderful new article on the Gift Economy) this evening, but decided to postpone to next Sunday evening and instead attend this year’s Trashion Refashion show downtown tonight. A benefit for our local Center for Sustainable Living. Here’s a video from last year’s show:

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