Lin Wood: “I asked God to tell me what to say tonight. He did.”

(But, I want to ask, WHO IS GOD?)

Please listen to Lin Wood’s message, as if from an old-time preacher. The first part of his talk leads up to the info he wants driven home. It’s about the children. SAVE THE CHILDREN. Starts at about 6 minutes in. YES! Thank you.

On the other hand, Lin Wood is like most people who know about the unspeakable horrors of world-wide child trafficking, rape, murder, etc. He wants the perps to hang, or be executed in some other way.

Ponder this next post, by Steve Beckow, who gets his information from channeled sources. Would execution create karma?

From Woke to Awakened


True? Hmmm . . . I remember Gene Decode saying that cabal perps might be taken off-world, to live out their miserable lives on, say, Mars. At the time I scoffed at the idea. No longer.

Does God also speak through Gene Decode? Sometimes I wonder. His information, and his ways of digging up information on the worldwide DUMBS and tunnels that connect them, seems to be uncannily accurate. True? Listen to this entire video. It’s worth it. I might even watch it again.

And does God speak through the woman in Holland who has figured out that only two corporations control the entire world — Vanguard and Black Rock? And when she says the entire world, she means it, and gives a tiny example to show what she means. Hers is an unusually clear and concise rendering of the massive Capricornian top-down structure that has been set up as a scrim atop nature to rule us humans. Doesn’t go into off-world or ET rulers, however; just investigating “this world stuff” is plenty to be astonished by, the way she tells it.

Meanwhile, I want to ask, Who is God?

When my kids were small (I think I’ve told this story before), We had sent Sean, then five years old, to the nearest kindergarten. And this, despite my hesitation — I’m a forever recovering Roman Catholic —  because the school happened to be Catholic. One day Sean returned from school at noon, and said, as if he knew what he was talking about, asking a question and then answering it. “Mom, who made the world? God made the world.”

Uh oh, I thought, the indoctrination has begun . . .

Just then, Colin, age 3, entered the room, bouncing a ball. “Oh yeah? He responded. “Another god made that god and another god made that god .  . . there are lotsa gods!”

I had been fixing lunch during this interchange. Serious Sean was obviously flummoxed by Colin’s response, and Colin’s breezy, casual attitude was not unusual for him.

Next, we were sitting down, eating lunch. I proceeded to enlarge the conversation: Thinking of pantheism, I remarked:  “Some say that God IS the world.”

Somehow, this seem to unleash Sean. Biting into his sandwich, he said with a grin, “Well then, now I’m eating God.”

I mentioned this entire exchange to one of my professors (I was then a graduate student in philosophy at Boston University), and he said that someone in the Middle Ages had said the same thing that Sean did when pantheism was mentioned, thinking that this would put the kabash on that idea.

But apparently it didn’t. Because if there’s any “religion” I accept with relish, it would be a pantheistic one. The entire cosmos is divine. And alive, and conscious. Just like you. Just like me. So to invoke God, is to invoke the divine within the self. Lin Wood is right. God told him, just as god, that inner intuitive knowing that is within all of us, guides our lives, if we allow it, if our rational left brains don’t interfere, to exactly what we are to dream and think and say and do next.

Which means, from a pantheistic perspective, that Lin Wood’s utter fearlessness IS his willing immersion in the divine that lives inside us all.




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