Librarian claims that 9/11 truth videos are being tampered with

This is a long article by a librarian investigating how 9/11 truth videos are being manipulated and “disappeared.” Since whatever did really happen on 9/11 is the lynchpin that when pulled out, collapses the staged “reality” we’ve been subjected to since, including the endless War on Terror” that has bankrupted this nation both economically and spiritually and turned it into a police state, it’s important that we keep focusing on 9/11 until the entire public wakes up.

I put the video in question at the end of an excerpt from this post.

Search Engine Manipulation. Google and YouTube Suppress Controversial 9/11 Truth?

October 5, 2013

by Elizabeth Woodworth

globalresearch via jhaines6


The suppression of free political communication in our society has grave consequences for several reasons:

  • It is clear that that there is not just spying and data collection going on. There is also electronic interference in our media, search engines, and mailboxes that is suppressing freedom of expression at various levels;
  • Media and search engine suppression can be held up for public view, while evidence of individual email tampering, probably carried out by covert state agencies, is frightening. People are naturally reluctant to report it or write about it — for there is no one to report it to;
  • In the case of 9/11, which has torn the fabric of humanity down the middle — between Muslims and Christians, and between East and West — it is essential that the evidence backing this event be absolutely correct and open to question at all times;
  • The fact that the lid on 9/11 has been nailed down so firmly for so long creates great suspicion that this case study points to possible obstruction of free information transfer by government agencies recently identified through NSA whistleblowers Edward Snowden, William Binnie, Thomas Drake, and others.
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