Let’s turn their “problem, reaction, solution” engine on its ear

Problem/reaction/solution is a phrase coined by Roman Emperor Diocletian in 284 B.C., promoted by Hegel to describe what he thought to be the dialectic of historical forces (as I recall, he phrased it “thesis, antithesis, synthesis”), and promulgated by David Icke for at least the past 20 years as the way the PTB matrix designers control the direction of our common future by driving our minds into a tiny corral where we spin round and round, wondering why we feel so dizzy, fearful, and stuck.

How about turning this dialectic on its ear? If the problem is the ruination of democracy, and the reaction is our astonishing fury in 2016, so vast it creates a populist uprising via authoritarian figure Donald Trump and “socialist” Bernie Sanders, then the solution is for we, the people, to take back our power. Here are two interviews in YES! magazine which help us begin to dismantle the corral and re-connect with the big, wide, wild, world!

John Perkins, on how the transnational corporations have now turned their big guns on the U.S.A.:

More Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: This Time They’re Coming for Your Democracy

Frances Moore Lappe, who, having incisively diagnosed the problem, has decided to take her lead from young people who, taking their cue from Occupy and now deepening their response, are moving beyond it, to begin to dismantle the corral.

Frances Moore Lappe, why I’m facing arrest to get money out of politics

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