Let’s Retrofit Suburbia into the NEW American Dream

Here’s a fascinating fact- and vision-filled video from 2010. The first few minutes of this presentation demonstrate exactly why we’re focusing on retrofitting our suburban Green Acres neighborhood into an intergenerational permaculture village, “from the ground up.”

Speaking of which, we held our second to last weekly Community Dinner of the spring semester last night. Photos to follow the video.


Chalk it up to global weirding. Even though we were able to meet outside on the patio for the last two weeks, for this week’s dinner we had to meet inside, as if it is still winter, amidst what seem to be unrelenting rains.

After next Wednesday (May 10), our final weekly dinner of the semester, we will shift focus to one-hour work parties in the garden on Wednesday evenings: 7 P.M., with refreshments, and you-pick take-home produce for all who participate.

Crowded kitchen.

Mariella and Beverly.

Dan and Shy. (All five of our dogs were nosing about.)

Mariella’s Juakim and Eva’s Andrew gaming in the living room.

Plenty of delicious food, as ever.

Eva and my son Colin, with Michael, Beverly’s husband standing, upper left.

Ian, our current hardworking Woofer, with Wanda, Eva’s Mom.

Next event: Summer Solstice Ceremony, Celebration, and Dinner. A committee has formed to decide the flow of this event, one of the four quarterly markers of the year that our Green Acres Village celebrates, along with the two Equinoxes, and Winter Solstice.

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