Let us recognize: When allowed, Nature heals herself.

For all those who still think that humans are or should be “in control;” for those who still theologically assume “dominion” (domination) over Nature, and still want to “figure out how to “save the planet,” this!

Let go! Let go of control! Let nature heal herself! Observe how she does it, given enough space and time. Observe how she integrates all species, qualities and elements into one ever-flowing interdependent whole. Learn from her! For Nature knows best, and her infinite mysteries continue to deepen even as we think we can identify her “patterns.” No matter how much we think we know, we don’t know. Our maps — and our predictions —can never measure the fullness of the territory they are designed to capture.

Let Nature be and watch her heal — not only herself, but us human beings.

“This sanctuary is supposed to be a sanctuary of hope, for all private individuals, companies, and groups. Look, there is hope!  It’s been the most fulfilling experience of our lives.”

via Laura Bruno.

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