Let us recognize and balance Evil with Good: Four Stories

I used to think of myself as a “liberal,” of course! — until . . . I’m not sure what all happened; it’s like a long, fuzzy smear, looking back; but at some point it became startlingly obvious to me that the word “liberal,” even though still being used by the left, had transmogrified into, what? This article makes a good case for recognizing the left’s degradation from authentically liberal into the divide and conquer attitude of “tribal” identity politics. And the results are not good. Not at all liberal.

That the article should focus on Jussie Smollett now, when he was just arrested for staging his own “attack” in order to inflame the right, is perfect!

The Jussie Smollett hoax and the media’s tribal war on America


Now to turn from the merely awful to the truly horrendous: In line with all the news that IS being slowly fed to the people about pedophilia, satanic abuse, full term infanticide, plus child, blood, and organ trafficking, did you realize that philanthropic “organ donors,” in order for their organs to be viable, must donate them prior to death? And that up until 1968 there was no such thing as “brain death;” that so-called, recently named “brain death” is not actual death, but signifies that the dying person is ready to donate? And that this donation occurs with meds inducing paralysis, but not sedation? I, for one, am taking my name off the organ donation register TODAY.


Horrifying Facts About Organ Harvesting Procedures and U.S. Laws


Meanwhile, how’s this for wonderful? An Alabama four-year-old who goes around the country feeding the homeless while dressed in a cape. Says he feels like a Superhero and wants to be president some day. What’s his superhero name? “President Austin.” Not sure how current this news is, but it sure makes a feel good story, and we sure do need these stories during dark times.

Here’s another “good news” story, very welcome:

In Historic Announcement, the World Health Organization (WHO) Proposes Removing Cannabis From Most Dangerous Drug Category

The point is, what we see is what we get. We can concentrate on bad news or good news, or, even better: recognize the bad news while intending that the good news spread and deepen. Balance, folks. The bitter with the sweet. That’s what life is, after all: BITTERSWEET. Always. Both!

BTW: are you aware that the taste for “bitter” is generally not included in the American palate; instead, just “sweet,” endless sweet. Reminds me of the damn smiley face that used to be everywhere. Not so much anymore. We’re digging in, buckling down, recognizing the good with the bad, the evil with the sacred, the bitter with the sweet. Yes.

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