Let us learn to see through the forms that humans construct to lock down the ever-arising

One current example of people, themselves organized into one of these forms, called “the police,” are nevertheless recognizing that the form that “controls” them, “the government,” doesn’t.

Honduran Police Refuse Government Orders

Anarchist Larken Rose has this to say about “the state:”

Unless the deeply cynical philosopher Thomas Hobbes is right, and life is inherently “nasty, brutish and short,” with the condition of man a “war of all against all,” then the state does NOT need to exist. At least not as currently constructed, as an ever increasing intricate matrix cage that aims, quickly or slowly, to destroy all freedom of expression.

What “forms” we actually need to make sense of, and to render relatively “predictable” the mysterious depths of the continuously emerging Presence, depend on context. Just as nature creates larger, overarching forms, themselves ever changing, depending on what is needed to consistantly allow and promote both free expression and continuous rebalancing of all energies, species and changing patterns among them, so too, with human beings. We are, after all, a part of nature.! Our bodies arise from her and shall return to her! Meanwhile, the beautiful souls housed by these vulnerable bodies gain in wisdom through the lessons learned from free expression. 

Google the word “anarchy.” Notice the two ways it’s slanted, to be either terrible or wonderful! Whereas we have been conditioned to see “an-archy” as “chaos,” what the word literally means is “leader-less,” associated with non-hierarchical modes of connectedness.

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