Let us become aware of and learn to use “the sea of subtle energies” in which we live.

Just as phenomena are continuously co-arising, so we can attune to this endless ocean of being and thereby shift both our attention and our potential.

What follows is an unusually clear and detailed view of the universal energy that forms and fuels the universe and that, when unimpeded, runs through the human body as well, opening our awareness and capacity to what may seem like miracles. Pay special attention to the section on fascia. 

Image: Tom Hall

Image: Tom Hall

The Shaman Within

Channeling the Life Force to Heal Your Body

It Begins:

Ancient cultures understood that we live in a vast sea of energy.  They understood that the planets and stars are conscious beings who communicate with each other.  They believed that the trees serve as antennas, which allow natural subtle energies and information to flow up from the Earth to the stars and planets, and from all other celestial bodies into the Earth.  They taught that everything and every being has consciousness and channels this energy according to its capabilities, to help facilitate this essential cosmic dialogue.

In fact, they understood that all matter, including the physical body, is a gathering of this universal energy.  They recognized that our thoughts and emotions are a form of energy, and that when these are in harmony with the living universal energy field, we become clear channels.  Then, the life force of the Earth and cosmos flows through us more smoothly and abundantly, guiding our evolution as new perspectives are revealed and advanced abilities are awakened within us.  These abilities include heightened creativity, extrasensory perception and the ability to bring about dramatic physical healing.  Shamans learn to feel, sense and use this energy without filtering or distorting it.  They often refer to this process as becoming a “hollow bone”.




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