Left Brain/Right Brain = Whole Brain

I’m in the midst of cleaning up my desktop in prep for transferring all my files to a new MacBook Air computer. (This one, a MacBook Pro, is eight years old and running slower and slower, hotter and hotter.) The MacBook Air will enable easier travel.

There were two images on the desktop that I never got around to using, and so I will now!

I didn’t notice before that these images refer to left brain and right brain, and that no wonder our culture prefers the left brain, since pain and suffering require us to enter realms that feel darker and less “rational.” In fact, not at all rational! I can remember, at 39 years old, when I finally decided that I had to heal myself; I intuitively (right brain) recognized that in order to do so I would need  to remember, to re-member, to put myself back together again, from birth (or even conception!) on. With Alice Miller’s Drama of the Gifted Child and Jung’s Memories, Dreams and Reflections as my guides, I knew I would need to somehow feel my way back in memory, further and further, deeper and deeper, until I discovered the suppurating source of the original wound that had torqued me into switching from original whole brain (right and left) to left brain only. Because that’s what happened. That’s what happens to us all.

Let’s face it! The left brain is our computer brain; and just as a computer doesn’t feel pain, nor does this section of our minds.

Just as our culture is compartmentalized, so are we as individuals.

Given that most people are on screens just about 24/7 now, we could say that as a culture, we have “projected” our left brain out onto our devices, and then interact with them with our left brains as if they were our companions. But of course they are not. They are merely AI robots, only following what their algorithms tell them to do. There’s no creativity, no mystery, no breakthrough involved; just the mindless following through of bits and pieces according to rules based on assumptions built into programs.

I dare you to enter the mysterious and confusing realm of moving back through memory, to uncover your own original wound, that place inside yourself that is encrusted with pain, and sinks into the gloom whenever your awareness even dares to approach it! I dare you to  ask your higher self for help in both uncovering and exploring this wound, and then in healing from it. As we do this work, we also begin to heal the ancestral wounds that repeat themselves through the generations.

There is no greater, more noble, more sacred, work, than this, the healing of the Self, filling the hole in our being that was created by our refusal to recognize our full complex, contradictory, paradoxical, left brain/right brain natures. We fill the hole, in order to become whole.

That is the moment, the very moment, when we begin to actually live.

Imagine. Thousands, millions of us doing this. This most sacred work.

I’ve long looked at the immense power locked up in the nuclear bomb as symbolic of the immense power of the universe locked up inside each one of us. Imagine that bomb exploding! Imagine the explosion of creativity that would happen then!

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2 Responses to Left Brain/Right Brain = Whole Brain

  1. Well for heaven’s sake; there you go. Exactly what I was referring to a few days ago
    re: family constellations. Inherited sorrow, pain, depression, all of it. I absolutely
    didn’t know about this. Now it is time for healing. .

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes. It took me seven years. But that was a long time ago, before this process of “healing of the wounded child” had entered the collective unconscious. Now that the template for this work is there, it shouldn’t take you that long. The key is to feel everything, fully. All the pain, sorrow, etc. To honor it. Once honored fully, it dissolves.

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