Laura Eisenhower on “The Coronavirus Cover Op 2020”

Laura (Dwight D. Eisenhower’s great granddaughter) squeezes the wide-ranging perspective  that more and more of us are beginning to entertain into a series of bullet points, easily understood by anyone already red-pilled, and especially, those who follow Qanon (

Oh, and by the way, the latest:

If you wonder about Q, here’s a research site, recommended by Martin Geddes, who is himself a very critical thinker.

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17 Responses to Laura Eisenhower on “The Coronavirus Cover Op 2020”

  1. #5 0% payroll tax. What happens to social security?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Good question!

      • Jackie Nusz says:

        When all the corruption is cleaned up or even some of it….it will free up $$ that can be used to take care of the elderly properly, build retirement communities, give them free health care, etc. Just stopping the sports corruption will help a lot.

    • Drew says:

      payroll taxes aren’t the only way to fund SS. that is dirty dems propaganda. ppl truly need to be educated on how things work.

  2. Kieron says:

    The words “critical thinking” and “QAnon” in the same paragraph? ?

    • Anne says:

      You’ve obviously never read Anon posts on the Chans……more critical people, you could never meet!

      They question EVERYTHING!

    • Amy says:

      Yeah, Liberals cannot ever grasp that. Can’t blame you guys when you can’t do critical thinking. Heck, you can’t even do #QAnon.

  3. Pbr streetgang says:

    Social security is technically not a tax. It’s a payroll deduction.

  4. Sylvia says:

    This intel story (wish list) seems to me as much a fairytale as the current mainstream narrative…

  5. Nick A. says:

    Go to Once you open the page, all the way over to the left side. There’s like 10 squares. The Q is the first square and the other 9 follow below that all the way down. From top left of page and down to the bottom. The Q square opens up all the titles to the research page, the page your own when you open There’s a meme square, global themes, a square with who’s the patriots, the one’s who were flipped, like Lindsey Graham and who are the treasonous. There’s a square with those who’ve recently resigned their CEO positions like Bill Gates. The same day President Trump announced a national emergency. There’s a square with arrest, state by state, how many sealed indictments, unsealed and arrest. Many may show 1 person being arrested but as you read into many of them, 1 arrest can lead into many. I know a kind of local, out-spoken , tell it like it is Sheriff named Grady Judd in Polk county, Florida. I saw where over hundred pedophiles were rounded up and arrested. Then I saw where another 42 where arrested. The Calm Before the Storm announced with 32 U.S. Generals and their wives by President Trump. Media: “Mr. President, what do you mean by, the calm before the storm”? President: “You will see”. I’m here to tell you the storm is here! #TheGreatAwakening! I’ve already saw photos of Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama wearing his muslim dress with a turban, holding his very own ak 47 and standing with his classmates. I saw a photo of Michelle Obama, wearing a band looking outfit, and she had a penis bigger then a bull on the farm. I am 100% positive Michelle is a man. I demand to know who the man of the house is? So the billionaires Ed Buck, Jeffrey Epstein, Peter Nygard. Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, NXIVM, the largest online pedophilia video club in Texas with 70,000 members, do a search on pedophile arrest since Trump’s been President. Comey, McCabe,Baker, Strzok, Page and many others removed(fired). In 3 years, deal with China, North Korea, Iran, Mexico, Canada, have record employments for blacks, women and Asians, lowest unemployment going back to Bush, deal with impeachment, investigation after investigation, special counsel investigation. Hoax after hoax after hoax. Building the wall. Those hoaxes are treasonous and punishable by death. Don’t think nothings happening? Trump’s dealing with what no other President in our history had to ever deal with. Oh, Trump/we the people control the fed. Trump took all the feds power. Just wait until you see no more 30 year mortgage payment. Fort Knox has a 6.2 trillion in gold. Who said the fed couldn’t be audited? 1.8 billion in Red Cross money for Haiti was recovered in the Middle East. Not positive about this but I believe 69 billion of Obama’s 9999% gold. Laura Eisenhower did a fantastic job and gave us the link to see if what she said could be investigated. There’s a book you can purchase that shows when Q gives a date, time or whatever and when the prediction was verified or fulfilled. JFK jr. was first revealed to me as ‘R’, but now is ‘Q’. He mentioned in 1999 his plane crash, and in 2000 after his alleged death, Hillary Clinton won the NY Senate seat JFK jr. was going to run for before his plane went down. He mentioned that he learned who the greys are. Which are fallen angels. I also read and saw a photo from July 1952 and there were about 8 saucers flying over the White House. It was said that Dwight Eisenhower signed a treaty with them. I was researching operation looking glass. The aliens gave a stargate, a looking glass and a cube. One was given to the US, one to the UN and one to EU. At least 2 of them need to be together for one to work. Some are claiming that you can look into the past, present or future and manipulate any of the 3. So crimes the Obama administration committed is recorded in the Looking glass or cube. They can see who, what, when, where, why and how they did crimes. Deep State knows Trump has access to this technology and they know their time is limited. #DCInAPanic! #WWG1WGA! JFK jr. will soon let the world know he, his wife and sister inlaw survived the plane crash and spent 20 years working out a plane to bring the world’s satanic, pedophilia, torture, murderers, rapist, ect. down! I’m honored and humbled to have read and responded to the grand-daughter of our country’s 34th President of the United States. Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower, Thanks to all the Eisenhower’s and their contributions to our great and blessed country.

  6. Mia says:

    Just for the record, Laura Eisenhower is the GREAT granddaughter of President Eisenhower. When one gets sloppy with concrete facts, one’s whole credibility is questioned. It might be wise to fix this mistake in the article.

  7. Sarah Rivkin says:

    My question is if all of this is an operative to bring down the Cabal, why the real health threat and deaths from whatever this pathogen is, wherever it came from?
    I have also considered that some of this is what’s happening. A meme I made a while ago: While the intergalactic battles that use the Globalists and Royals as their pawns to gain total control of humanity intensify, all humans are safe inside .

    • Sarah says:

      Also….the extent of the tyrannical response with ever increasingly absurd mandates of behavior. On par with some dark occult initiation.

  8. gerald says:

    whats going to happen on 4 /10/2020

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